Sunday, November 5, 2006


I really don't have much to say for once.
I've been that way lately...
I have really enjoyed being quiet.
I've never been that way before.

I love being the center of attention and being recognized, but now that I'm older and less concerned with things of my own, I'm completely content watching the world around me and being in the audience instead of center stage.

Somehow some people understand this part of me: the part that has changed.
That sometimes I need and long to be silent.
Not because I don't want to be heard,
but because I'm tired of talking so loudly.

I've worn myself out looking for the attention of others so much so that I've forced myself into finding out that the only person I really need is myself. God is good to point this out to me when He oddly takes things away from me that I clearly needed to learn that I didn't need to begin with. God's also good with giving me people that hear what I'm saying by not saying anything... I don't have to say much at all to have them understand it. I think God has been trying to teach me humility and grace, and so much of those qualities come from doing more listening than talking... I'm a talker; it's what I do - it's who I've become. Yet God's proven to me that He wants me to be still. Not only be still but be quiet as well. I've really learned how to enjoy the silence and listen to the wonders of what's going on around me...

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