Monday, March 13, 2006

Won't You Marry Me? Then Pray With Me. That's Not Too Much To Ask.

I knew the moment I first saw you
Our love was meant to be
It was only a matter of God's time
My instincts said to marry you
And patience said to wait
But I knew to let you go would be a crime
Well I've seen so many places
And I've seen so many smiles
And you are the only one for me
I know what grace is
Because I've walked a million miles
And after that my Jesus set me free

So won't you marry me, I'm down on my knees
And carry me through the peaks and valleys
Pray with me, walk with me through this life
I'm asking you to be my wife

I can't wait to share my life you
I can't wait to make love
I can't wait to give you all I've got to give
A three way communication
And sweet compromise
I can't wait for God to show us how to live
I'll be with you forever
And I know you feel the same
There ain't no sense in getting married any other way
And I hear sweet music
At the sound of your name
I hope I never have to live another day without you so . . .

So won't you marry me, I'm down on my knees
And carry me through the peaks and valleys
Pray with me, walk with me through this life
I'm asking you to be my wife

I remember hearing this song for the first time my freshman year of college and completely being in awe of what it was saying. I could not believe the words had actually come from a man, but the more I learned about the love of God was that this song was written by a man who had the love God wants us to have for each other in relationships. More and more often, I am faced with the question of why I'm not dating or married even, and at first that's a hard thing to be asked. Of course, I want to be married (who doesn't?!) but the truth has been brought to my attention that I want what God wants for me. I don't want to date someone God hasn't placed in my life for a reason. I want true love like I've never had before, love that only God can give. All of this comes to mind after a situation occurred at church last night.

Yeah, so I'm at Victory's Revival last night (as was a certain great friend and preacher I know), and another young preacher who's been to Jamaica three or four times with my friend preacher says, "Jenna, can I talk to you about something in private?"OH, I know this was leading to somewhere no good. First of all, I thought he was asking me out. Which was too weird for words, then he says, "Have you ever thought of *insert my friend preacher's name here*?" I was like, well, yeah, he's my friend. I think of him often. Ha ha. I'm so special education. And the guy was like, "NO, I mean, like have you thought of going on a date with him?" I was like, "Heck no, I can't date my pastor." LOL.

The guy says, "Well, heck, I didn't know he was your pastor." I said, "Yes, I joined today." He goes on to say..."Well, see, that's the Lord working and putting you two together." UGH! Throwing up in my mouth by this time, because I'm sick of people putting thoughts like that in my head. It was awkward as my friend preacher then walks up and hugs me, and the other guy's grinning ear to ear. SO STRANGE.

Here's my point to all of this... People are great matchmakers when God is involved. Period. End of sentence. Secondly, God is the ultimate matchmaker. Period. End of sentence. My whole point. If it's in God's will, it WILL be. You know? Just because I'm 23 and have no boyfriend does not mean that God wants me to have one right now, and I DO NOT need people telling me how cute my friend preacher is because who doesn't know that. UGH UGH UGH. I only tell you this because I'm honestly frustrated when I should maybe be flattered.

I think what bothers me the most about all of this is that it's hard being patient. It's hard waiting for what God has in store. It's even more difficult wondering about who that someone He has in store for me might be. Situations like last night at church really get a girl's mind and heart racing, but I want God to be my ultimate matchmaker. I want Him to fix me up. I want Him to show me who to be with. I want God to take care of these things for me, and I want to be patient in waiting. And more than anything, I want to hear words like those from the song at the beginning of this post, and I don't think that's unrealistic. I believe that's what God has promised us, and what God intends for marriage to be like. I want that. I want a God-filled and led marriage. Anything less than that is not worth being fixed up on.

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Anonymous said...

hey jenna.. its abby, random friend of britt's... xanga.. gosh i hope you remember our vague connection.. just wanted to say that that ed cash song is my favorite and i have seen him sing it many times and every time my heart heaves a heavy "aww" and i think.. wont it be wonderful when god puts that in my life.. until then... its a great song

god bless!