Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What Are You Talking? God Is What I'm Talking.

So, come to find out, this "What are you talking?" is a new phrase I obviously invented today. I just thought it was hilarious, so it's today's topic. What's most important about today is the fact that God works in mysterious ways, and I'm sometimes oblivious to the fact that He does or I'm just too busy to figure that fact out. Or should I say that I'm too lazy, ridiculous, and/or impatient to figure God's ways out?! All of those would apply at times.

Today, however, I noticed it. I stopped at many points in my day to just thank Him for His goodness, mercy, and awesomeness. Here's what happens in a day when you let God take control and you take notice... Oh, and I'm putting God on the point system today... He's really outdone Himself.

  • He gives you the greatest friend ever to spend the day with. (1,673,000 points to the Man Upstairs for just being Him; 2,000 for kindred spirits found between two friends; and 5,000 points for Your giving me a friend who is true, makes me feel secure, sees me for me, and loves wasting the day away)

  • He's molded that friendship into one I'd never imagine having, yet has become the most precious thing in my life recently. (100,000 points for His Amazing Ways of Working; 75 points for Mardi's big glasses and hilarious talks)

  • This friend and I eat at Olive Garden which just happens to be my favorite place EVER, and I just so happen to have a gift certificate to there I'd completely forgotten about. (75 points for the food He always provides me with and an extra 100 points for making that certificate appear because the 7 bucks in my checking account only go so far...)

  • We spent 2 hours at Target... 2 hours. I didn't get bored, not once. I've never enjoyed Target like I did today. We bought baby gifts, wedding shower gifts, and randomly searched through every aisle to find "French Women Don't Get Fat." LOL. During this alotted time, we made 15,000 phone calls and learned about kitchen utensils we'd never even heard of before. The phrase, "What are you talking?" was invented while at there today. I, in my strange way of doing things, seem to ignore people when I'm on a mission buying baby and wedding gifts. It's hysterical. Mardi would say something clever or just ask a question, and I'd totally miss it, thus "What are you talking?". (50 points for Your giving us Target Time; 75 points for providing me the opportunity and money to get my friends great gifts; 80 points for good times and friendship; 25 points for Your making me incredibly A.D.D. and ignoring Mardi which helped in the creation of my new phrase; and a bonus 100 points for allowing me the opportunity to realize how wonderful my life is)

  • Starbucks was the place to be today. No joke. We walked in to get our Fraps (I have no clue how to spell the whole word), and I see one of my favorite people in the world, only because he was this awesome kid who made my working at the Credit Union worthwhile. So I say hi, and in my A.D.H.D. way of doing things, kept walking to get my drink. UNTIL I notice one of the greatest people I've ever met sitting with Mr. One of my Favorite People. This recollection could go on for hours as our conversations did; however, I'd like to make mention of a few things. After talking inside for a good 20 minutes, we convince the guys to head outside, in light of the "gorgeous" day, that only began the madness. Who knew the temperature could drop in 19 seconds and who knew that boys love Cyndi Lauper and like making deals about wearing pink?! I sat there looking at the clouds and thought about how blessed I was. (100 points for Your giving the person who created Starbucks a creative mind; 200 points for creating favorite people; 200 points for great kids with facial hair and piercings and guitars and for their amazing talents; 15 points for blessing me and most of my friends with A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. for it's been a wonderful addition in most of our conversations and makes for one extremely fun hour or two; 1,000 points for a beautiful day and Your awesome handiwork; 85 points for Cyndi Lauper and ringtones; 100 points for the color pink and boys who are manly enough to wear it and an extra 25 points for putting these boys in my life randomly; and 1,000,000 points for the opportunity to catch up with people who mean so much to me that are positive Christian friends)

  • We then headed to Brentwood Baptist for Kairos, a praise and worship service for college-aged students. It was incredible. Something I've been so strongly burdened for was tonight's message... The Lord's Supper. I know how wonderful it is and what it represents; however, it wasn't until tonight that I became aware of why it means so much to me and has for years. It's because The Lord's Supper is personal. It's not something that should be passed out to everyone. I believe Jesus Christ intends for His believers to take it in remembrance of Him. It's purely personal; no one can say how we pray or feel when taking it, it is something we do to honor and reverance our Lord. Praise songs were AMAZING. I just love hearing words that truly honor God. I want my life to be a song that blesses His name. (100,000,000 points for the experience You have given me tonight; for making me want my relationship with You to be personal; that it's more than just "accepting" You; it's about You being my friend; it's about how I prayed and found salvation on my own with You right there with me; it's about having Christian friends that share my faith and hold me accountable... Let me just throw in that these points are endless for this particular gift You have given me tonight, Lord.)

I didn't imagine my Spring Break to be this way. Spring Break has usually been about beaches, beads, and beer. I'm so thankful God has changed that in me. He's made me the person I should have always been. And even when I don't see Him or at least take the time to, He's always there giving me blessings untold. I love how the Lord works. I love how true He is. I love that's He's bigger than anything else in this world and that He always finds a way to show me... like today. What am I talking? I'm saying that God is good all the time; we just have to open our eyes, hearts, and lives to let Him in.

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