Saturday, March 28, 2015

Soccer Season Has Started!

It's Daniel's 3rd season of soccer!  He was very ready for his game despite having only had one practice due to the amount of snow we have had the earlier part of March.  His coach wasn't going to be able to attend the game and had asked Brian to stand in for him!  It was going to be a very exciting game, to say the least!

Daniel is in the black/white stripe jersey
in the center of the photo going for the ball.

Daniel is #9 in the white/black jersey,
running beside his sweet friend, Jordan!

Something was really funny!
Daniel is now easy to spot...
as the MOOSE.

He was playing goalie, 
then he running up to cheer on
his teammate as she ran the ball down 
the field to score!

Taking a break!

Good game!

Gracie and Daniel
Friends since they were toddlers

Jordan and Daniel
Friends since Pre-K

Daniel and Greyson

Daniel and Grandpa

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