Saturday, March 28, 2015

Minister's School Week

It went by way too quickly.  Our fellow preachers/pastors/friends come from across the US to attend Minister's School in KY, and we make a week of it!  The memories we made this year are priceless.  I wish we could do it all again this week.

All dressed up for church!

Brother Brian and I pick on each other a lot!
I sure missed seeing his sweet wife!

Elias really wasn't sure about this horse.

Sweet Samuel on the playground

Boys marching around the playground, 
making up words to a song.

Daniel was making up an obstacle course
with make believe laser beams.

This is what our van looks like when 
you have to pile all of the children in one 
vehicle while the other vehicle gets a new tire.

We were tired... 
There was a LOT of playing, driving, then napping.

Sharing snacks and tired faces

Giving his girl a hug

Jenna and Karaley

Playing on the Old Union piano

Napping again

Special notes left behind from the Keens
on our white board -
we sang this song with the Keen family 
when we were in Alaska 3 years ago.

Sweet encouragement from the Keens.


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