Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long Awaited Visitors

We have known for quite some time that some visitors would be coming to our house this month.  We had no idea all we would be facing at the time of their visit, and we are certain that God knew we would need their encouragement and presence more than ever during this particular time.  Having them here is no small thing seeing as they would be coming from Alaska!  We love having them, and our boys adore Brother James.

Daniel was so excited that he remembered he had a suit that had been given to him in a storage bin in the garage.  I wasn't sure it was in his size or in decent shape, but Daniel wanted so badly to find it so that he could wear it when Brother James came to preach at our church.  Thankfully, it was the perfect size and BRAND new!

From the moment they arrived to the night before they left, my heart was full!  I could not thank God enough for His perfect timing and for blessing us with friends like He has.  We are so unworthy, but I am so grateful for the late night talks and chocolate cakes.


In their new suits -
Sunday best, of course!

James and Brian

Jenna and Mary

Our Boys with the Keens

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