Monday, March 23, 2015

Miraculous Mammoth Cave

Following Monday's MRI results, we felt both relieved and ready to face what is to come.  We knew is wasn't going to be easy, but to be honest, we were thankful that the neurosurgeon was thorough and detailed.  His requiring of 6 more weeks of symptom logging really discouraged me at the moment of the appointment, but as the day progressed, I (Jenna) was able to see how God was gracious in that.  He was supplying me the ability to be patient with both Him and our little boy.

In the midst of this appointment, God had ordained it that some of our dearest friends would be in town, a couple from Alaska and a family from Missouri.  These precious friends have prayed over us and supported us in so many ways, and they are brothers and sisters in the faith.  Having them here in Tennessee AT THE SAME TIME and during the time of Samuel's appointment was, without any doubt, orchestrated by the Lord.  The Calhouns, from Missouri, had asked if we wanted to join them on a trip to Mammoth Cave following Samuel's results if all went well, and praise God, it did.

Going to Mammoth Cave with 5 children under the age of 5 shouldn't be called miraculous unless you survive...  which we did and REALLY enjoyed it!  :)  I had my doubts in all honesty about whether or not Samuel could handle the rigorous journey into the cave.  Our tour guide was very honest about that beforehand...  I felt how red my face was becoming by the second.  Nerves were getting the best of me.  I feared that Samuel would get tired or his feet would get numb.  I was worried we couldn't carry him the 2 1/2 miles it would require to get down into and back up out of the cave.  I also was thinking about the other 4 little ones we had with us...  oh, wow, that's a lot of littles.

However, the further we traveled into the cave, the sweeter it became.  The children helped one another.  They really didn't complain all that often.  They held hands.  They laughed together.  They showed one another things they found or saw that amazed them.  My fear and worry turned into joy because they were demonstrating the true beauty of fellowship and friendship.  It was what our family needed that day.  If Samuel was hurting, he didn't mention it, and I truly believe it was because his buddies were right beside him every step of the way.  After weeks and months of pain and aches, it was a miracle in my eyes...

I walked away that day thankful for so many things:

  • the Creator
  • the ability to KNOW Him
  • for results and a plan for our son
  • friendships and fellowship
  • saying yes when you aren't sure you want to
  • for friends who know what you need 
  • that our children have Godly friends
  • laughter
  • good days
  • lack of symptoms
  • miracles
  • God-ordained days
  • pizza :)
  • for naps in the car
  • trusting in the Unseen

There's just something about boys and rocks...

Our crew listening to the tour guide,
whose pre-cave pep talk 
made me a wee bit nervous.

Samuel and Jenna 
before heading into Mammoth Cave

Brian in the cave

Brian, Elias, and Daniel in the cave
(please notice Elias - 
he is making his new "smile for the camera"
face; he makes it ALL of the time now)

Big Buddies in the Dark

Holding Hands

This picture was impossible.
Well, not necessarily.
Only if we wanted all of them looking.

The Johnson family

Please respect that we are shepherding our children through the process of Samuel's diagnosis and ask that you refrain from speaking about it to them.

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Adrian said...

Can you believe we've never been to this treasured landmark?!? It's on the to-do list for sure :). So thankful the Lord was gracious and showed favor to your family on this lovely day!