Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elias is 9 Months Old

In His 9th Month, Elias:

Weighed 22 lbs and 13 oz.
75th percentile for weight,
and 80th percentile for height.
Wore size 4 diapers.
Wore size 18 month clothes.
Had terrible eczema on his knees, chest, and chin.
Was crawling EVERYWHERE.
Was often found underneath the kitchen table,
crawling through the chairs as if it was a jungle gym.
Had two teeth (bottom front).
Chewed on anything he could.
Always needed to wear a bib.
Was a Momma's boy.
Celebrated her 30th birthday.
Still nursing full time.
Would not eat baby food or puffs.
Did not take naps.
Slept for 1-2 consecutive hours a night.
Got moved into his own room.
His past sickness (and respiratory issues)
   has caused some sleeping/eating issues:
   1.  He falls asleep sitting up.
   2.  He wakes every couple of hours.
   3.  He is never full.
   4.  He is scared to swallow.
   5.  He has created an aversion to spoons
          or having things put into his mouth.
The dr. says due to sickness, his breathing/eating
   is like that of a 5-6 month old.
He says Da-da and Ma-ma.
Babbles all the time.
Is either always smiling or scowling.
Is very serious.
Has started wanting other people to hold him.
He'll finally reach his arms out to others.
Saw his first snow.
Ate his first bites of watermelon and cantaloupe.
Likes sucking on popsicles.
Got his first real "boo-boo."
He pulled up on the lazy susan
   and pulled a can onto his finger, smashing it.
Loves his big brother Daniel.
Always likes watching Daniel and laughs at him.
Pulls hair.
Loves to hug and pull others close to him.
REALLY enjoys bath time.
Got his flu shot.
Didn't cry at all.

Made some major messes...

Cutest toothy grin...
He sported one pearly white for a month.

Laughing with Mimi
at Mommy's 30th birthday dinner.

Elias' favorite toy this month
was most definitely Mommy's cell phone.

Daniel was playing "dress up Elias."

Elias didn't want to miss anything.
He always crawled right to where the action was!

Learned to pull up this month.
AND how to stand and play at the same time.

Elias' first "injury." 
Thanks to a can of sweet potatoes.

Happy baby despite his red,
carpet burned, eczema knees.

Seeing snow for the first time.

Trying his very first popsicle.

My sweet Valentine.

With Mommy on Valentine's Day

Holding his own piece of watermelon

He did NOT like the idea 
of sleeping in his crib.
He's slept in his car seat
sitting up his whole life.

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