Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simple, Sweet, Sick Valentine's

Brian and I decided that Valentine's Day wasn't ever going to be a big deal for us.  If we make plans, great.  If we don't, that's fine too.  This year was so simple.  The weather was perfect and the boys are particular.  I knew just what to do.
We went for a walk around the neighborhood,
despite the fact that Mommy had bronchitis.
Pushing the double stroller sent me 
to the nebulizer.
Samuel, however, loved getting out.

Daniel loves the outdoors.  
He rode his tractor around the subdivision 
until its battery died.  
That might have been what sent me
to the nebulizer.

I asked the boys specifically what they wanted
for the Valentine's supper.
Here were their requests:
Daniel wanted a chocolate (nutella) sandwich,
fruit with all the colors, grape juice, and 
a little macaroni.
Samuel wanted a sandwich with "just jelly by itself",
macaroni and cheese, tea, watermelon and strawberries.
"Not all the colors, just blue."
Well, actually, Samuel, those would be red.

Their Valentine's dinner plates. 
We broke out the FINE china paper plates.
I even used my knife to cut their sandwiches 
into hearts.  Cute, right?

Samuel just wanted to eat.

Daniel was ready to pray.

Elias just wanted to crawl under our feet.

Taking a picture of one of my Valentine's.

Elias tried watermelon for the first time.
He liked the juice.

THEN, Daddy got home!
Samuel took our picture!

We lowered Elias' crib so we could attempt
to put him in it at night.

He didn't like the idea 
as much as his big brothers did.

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