Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Week of P

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I love everything about school.  I love that our children attend a Mother's Day Out program that incorporates Christ into learning, and what's great is that my boys love to learn!  Last week was "P Week" at MDO, and on Tuesday the boys got to wear their pajamas to school.  Samuel was so anxious to wear his Elmo jammies and Toy Story house shoes that he woke up at 6:30 that morning asking, "Is it school day?  Can I go see Ms. Rochelle yet?"  

Might I add that Samuel has NEVER,
not ONCE wore his house shoes before...
that is, until Pajama day at MDO!

Daniel was decked out 
in his Thomas Pajama gear!
Thomas pjs, house shoes, lunch box, 
and even a Thomas nap mat.

Later that week, the boys Pretended to be
what they call "cookers."

Samuel also proved himself to be
the perfectionist we know him to be
by sitting and eating every last piece 
of rice leftover from his Mexican dinner.

(Excuse my face in this one.  I was SO surprised!)
And, last but not least, our littlest one (8 1/2 months)
isn't a big eater.  In fact, he's not eating anything yet at all.
He's still breastfed and healthy, 23 lbs healthy, 
wearing 18 month clothes healthy, but he's not into food.
That is, until his brothers got popsicles.
He actually wanted it!

We ended this week with seeing the pediatrician...  All three boys had sinus infections, and Daniel had an ear infection.  Antibiotics for all!  Then, Mommy got sick with bronchitis, sinus infection, and an ear infection too.  Would we all be puny on Valentine's Day?!

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