Friday, January 13, 2012

Samuel's 19th and 20th Months

Since I missed Samuel's monthly post in December and it is now January, I figured I could combine two months in one post...

In His 19th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 24 lbs.
Wore size 4 diapers.
Could wear size 5 and 5 1/2 extra wide shoes.
Began wearing some 12-18 month clothes.
Really liked putting up the Christmas tree.
His favorite decor was jingle bells.
Spent a few hours in the ER early in December.
Had gotten a drink of Mommy's cough medicine from big brother.
It had hydrocodone in it.
Particularly loved the snacks in the ER...
popsicles, graham crackers, peanut butter, and others.
Did not like rain or cold weather.
Did not appreciate having to wear a jacket.
Hated riding in a stroller.
Was becoming quite independent.
Loved watching and playing with Elmo toys.
Sports balls were his favorite toys.
Had lots of fun at the church Christmas fellowship.
Got a lot of gifts from sweet friends during the month.
Visited the Opryland Hotel on Christmas Eve.

Playing with the trumpet from the Christmas tree.

Picture with brother and Daddy.
Sweet cheeks with Daniel and Mommy.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders at Opryland.

Family at Opryland

In His 20th Month, Samuel:
Wore mostly 12-18 month clothes.
Would eat all day long.
Always said, "I hungee."
Frequently asked question was, "What you doin'?"
Talked up a storm.  Honestly, sentences and questions galore!
Used the word, "Yeah," all the time.
Celebrated Christmas in many different houses.
Loved playing with "Atalie" over the holidays.
Really liked the grill and food Mimi got him.
Thought he could climb and fly.
Loved jumping off the coffee table...
pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.
Would say, "And beyond!"
Thanks to Christmas gifts from Aunt Ca and Mema.
Slept through the New Year ball drop.
Liked to spin in circles.
Found out he'd be having a baby brother!
Started liking Thomas the train. 
Loved pretending to scare people.
Was quite animated and like to make us laugh.
Could name most all of his body parts.
Recognized the colors, blue, yellow, and green.
Could count 1-3.  Sometimes 4 and 5.
Liked singing the last words of songs.
Clapped for songs he liked.
Was very verbal about what he wanted.
Was still so sweet and loved to be hugged.
Didn't like wearing socks.
Loved wearing pajamas.
Moved from his crib to his new toddler bed.
Made spaghetti his favorite food.
Really liked snacking on raisins and oyster crackers.
Loved, loved fruits like strawberries, grapes, and bananas.
Did not like eating ground beef or soup.
Favorite drink was chocolate (milk).
Disliked juice for the most part.
Began throwing tantrums and hitting back.
Was scared of spankings.
Was not frightened by the dark.
Called Mommy by her first name.
Told us when he wanted to go night-night.
Really liked snow, but didn't like the coldness of it.

"It's Elmo, Mommy.  See?!"

Where's the camera, Samuel?

"What are you eating, buddy?"

Someone wanted to make a guess on what his baby brother would be!  Samuel grabbed the food coloring, spilled it on the floor, and walked right through it.

"Samuel, are you excited about your big bed?"

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