Friday, January 27, 2012

January Always Leaves a Memory

It was five years ago this week that Brian and I realized God wanted us to marry.  Literally, it all happened in one quick week.  In 8 short days in January 2007, I celebrated my 24th birthday then went from single to engaged, and just two months later, I was married.  Seriously, I cannot put into words how thankful I am for that January.  It was one of the greatest months of my life, and it is still one I cherish.  I don't think Brian and I could have EVER imagined how much we would be handed in the years that followed.

I'll spare the details of our past five years, but this January has become one I'll never forget.  Just a week ago, when Brian and I were discussing what I'd like to do for my 29th birthday, our 20-month-old became a bit sick.  He was coughing and breathing heavily.  I took him to the pediatrician on a Thursay, just 4 days before my birthday.  The outcome wasn't one to celebrate.  In fact, the doctor believed he was in the beginning stages of pneumonia and quite possibly had strep throat.  Samuel was so hysterical in the office that she decided not to swab him.  He was put on a strong, 10-day antibiotic. 

Just two days later, my breathing became shallow, difficult, and burned.  I feared that I too, 23 weeks pregnant, had gotten pneumonia as well.  We landed in the ER on Saturday, January 21st, the day before my birthday.  After bloodwork, respiratory bloodwork, an EKG, breathing treatment, and a breathing treatment, I was diagnosed with bronchitis.  I was sent home with a 5-day antiobiotic, inhaler, and cough medicine.  Needless to say, I missed my own birthday.  :)  I slept at home on the couch while the boys went to Mimi's house and Brian went to church. 

At my follow-up appointment on Tuesday, I knew I hadn't improved.  My breathing was still awful, and I couldn't quit coughing.  Sure enough, it had worsened into an asthmatic breathing.  SO, I was going home on daily breathing treatments, up to 4 times a day. 

That afternoon, when I picked the boys up from Mother's Day Out, Daniel's teacher told me he had coughed all through the day.  I, suspecting the worse, immediately called the pediatrician and Mimi, and we headed to the office.  Thankfully, it was only a cold.  However, the next day, I realized Daniel was worse.  He was coughing uncontrollably.  He just couldn't stop.  I gave him his inhaler and a breathing treatment.  I even gave him some Tylenol when I loaded him in the van to head to church.  He kept saying, "I can't not breath.  Please take care of me, Mommy."  I guessed he was so whiny due to no nap that Wednesday afternoon.

When we arrived at church, I realized it was inevitable.  Either Daniel's asthma was REALLY working against him or he was really sick.  His body was hot.  I gave him Motrin, hoping it would take care of the heat, but when Daniel wasn't willing to play in the nursery and clinged to me, I knew it was sickness.  Throughout the night, his temperature continued to rise, and despite doses of Tylenol and Motrin, the fever would not go below 102.  Thursday, we headed to the pediatrician.  He had not eaten since lunch on Wednesday, and it was very little.  Getting him to drink had also become difficult.  His cough was awful and his fever was high. 

They tested for flu, which came back negative, and they also tested for RSV, which was positive.  He was given a breathing treatment, but the wheezing continued on his right side.  Daniel and I were sent to get a chest x-ray, fearing pneumonia.  However, the results were clear, and he was prescribed steroids, breathing treatments 4 times a day, and Tylenol.  With RSV, we can only treat symptoms; the virus itself has to run its course. 

January 2012 has proved itself fairly memorable.  I haven't had my Red Robin birthday burger yet, but I imagine that won't be what I'll remember about this month.  It will be the precious, quiet and scary moments with my sick self and children.  More importantly, I'll know I was blessed five years ago with the beginning of this beautiful life I've been given despite its sicknesses and sorrows.

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Katie said...

Bless your hearts! You guys have been through the ringer!