Friday, January 13, 2012

32 and 33.

Daniel is a whopping 33 months old this month, and last month, when he turned 32 months, was so busy that I failed to update on his progress and changes.  So, without further adieu, here are Daniel's 32nd and 33rd month posts in one.

In His 32nd Month, Daniel:
Weighed 33 lbs.
Wore a size 8.5 or 9 in shoes.
Was in size 5 diapers.
Wore size 3T in clothes. 
Wore some 2T but they were getting 2Tight.
Was more rambunctious than I can explain.
Loved Christmas tree decorating.
The tree's jingle bells made him so happy.
Had the honor of placing the "Crown of Thorns" on our tree.
Loved Christmas lights, especially the neighbor's nativity scene.
Always recognized called baby Jesus, "God-Jesus."
Thought Santa was a snowman.  Thank goodness.
Spent a few hours in the ER in early December.
Climbed the counter, opened the cough syrup bottle, and drank it.
Shared some with little brother, Samuel.
Mom called poison control who said ER was a must.
Peed in a little bag for his urine sample.
Quite exciting for a 2 1/2 year old.
Got lots of snacks (and laughts) from the doctors and nurses.
Was sent home with no problems at all.
Really liked to open presents.
Liked opening everyone else's gifts as well.
Was great about saying, "Please" and "Thank you."
Was diagnosed with a small heart murmur.
No worries, as it will come and go around the age of 3.
Loved eating apples without the peels.
Missed being in Mother's Day Out.
Liked to party.
Always wanted to watch a dvd.
Still scared of alligators and sharks when going to bed.
SUPER frightened by the dark.

"I can't not like my picture."


In His 33rd Month, Daniel:
Was 32 lbs.  Got a cold and lost some weight.
Still the same size in diapers and clothes.
Went to see Opryland Hotel on Christmas Eve.
Really liked seeing the lights and Shrek.
Told us he "needed" milkshakes.
Ice Cream was his favorite snack.
Loved presents. 
Couldn't wait for Christmas, though he didn't know what it was.
Liked to pretend to wrap everything.
Thought he should get a present every day.
Favorite gifts were his tricycle and dvds.
OH, and he loved the Buzz and Woody toys.
Liked paper airplanes and making things "Pop."
Big on the sound of "popping."
Looked so handsome on Christmas day.
Told everyone he was wearing a train shirt.
Would wake every morning and from every nap, exclaiming,
Recognized all his body parts.  ALL of them.
Could recognize colors:  black, blue, red, green, yellow, etc.
Wasn't great with them but give him Thomas trains,
and he could tell you exactly what color each was.
Could count 1-10, but always missed 4.
Started telling us with his fingers how old he was.
Still not potty trained,
but hated dirty diapers and being wet.
Was concerned where his friends lived.
Would tell us he wanted to see them all the time.
Prayed over his meals...  "God is great, thank you, God."
Was very quick about doing so.
Long-winded prayers were not his style!
Had SUCH an attitude.
For example, popular phrases of his "attitude" include:
  • "That's fair!" meaning that's not fair.
  • "I can't like that."
  • "I stay here...  by myself!" when it was time to leave.
  • "I the boss, Mom."
  • "Jenna, listen.  Look at me."
  • "I got a problem."
  • "Fix it, now."
Favorite snack was gummies.
Favorite song was "What a Mighty God."
Missed New Year's by 30 minutes...
Fell asleep on the couch with Mommy.
Loved to be praised.
Did NOT like to be laughed at or with.
LOVED snow.  Would stay out in it for hours...
despite the cold weather.
Could answer Bible story questions really well.
Had a hard time sitting still in Sunday school.
Liked painting and coloring.
Asked for the "Diesels" a lot - a Thomas movie.
Spent the night at Mimi's all by himself.
Asked, "What's your name?" all the time.
Always answered with, "My name is Daniel Benjamin."
Laughing at his paper airplane hitting the fan.

Christmas Eve at Opryland = Big Smiles

"Cheesing" at Church on Christmas morning

Big Kid riding his gift from Grandpa.

Loves dressing his magnetic man, Jack.

Saying "Bye" to Daddy before spending the night with Mimi

He and his friends from Toy Story were having a talk.

Less than an hour away from 2012...
Mommy and Daniel could NOT stay awake!

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