Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First Name, Really

For whatever reason, my two toddlers have turned from calling me, "Mommy," to "Jenna."  It doesn't really bother me; in fact, it actually makes me laugh.  I almost cannot take them seriously when they do so.  I find it hard to look in the face of a 2 year old who has just said, "Jenna, listen here.  I need your help."  It's also quite difficult when a 1 year old says, "Jenna, help me."  They repeat it until I answer.

I think this has hit home for me in light of the fact that God knows me by name as well.  He speaks to me so many times, and yet it takes His calling my name out for me to pay attention to His voice.  How many times does it take for us to listen when God is calling our names?  I want to answer when He calls.  I don't want Him to have to repeat Himself.  I want to come ready.

I need to do the same for my children.  They  have somehow learned that "Jenna" is what I answer to.  Maybe it's because I laugh, but they know they can get my attention by calling me the name everyone else they know calls me.  What a beautiful picture these two boys have painted for me!  They know that Mommy will answer to her name.  Does she listen when God speaks it?!

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