Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Night with the Warrens

Christmas evening, we drove through the snow to get to my dad's family's Christmas.  My dad is one of seven siblings, so the Warren Family gatherings tend to be loud and crowded!  However, the weather seemed to keep most of the Warrens away, except for these two cuties...

Daniel loved his cousin Gunner.
(Gunner is 3 1/2 months older than Daniel.)
Daniel hugged all over Gunner,
and it took a while for Gunner to warm up to him.

Then, Gunner realized that Daniel was a lot of fun.
Gunner would run around the house waiting for Daniel to catch him.
They would laugh and laugh when he would!

Samuel got a lot of Grandpa's attention.
He always does!

When we got home after a mere hour and a half drive from what usually only takes thirty minutes, Daniel was ready to play!  He really wanted to get on his tractor, but with the weather the way it was, we just brought it in the house.  Except, there's a small problem with that:  Daniel doesn't know how to steer the tractor yet.  We'd just have to run and chase him down when he'd come to a wall or couch or door and turn him around, you know, because he doesn't know that taking his foot off of the pedal will stop it from moving...

However, it was getting late, and Daniel really needed to get into bed.  So, as Brian was running the bath water, I don't believe he realized that his little one got away!  Here is what I found...

 Here is the reason it took us so long to get home from my dad's.  Notice the road...  It was completely covered with snow and ice.  The interstate looked the exact same way.  I couldn't believe we actually got a white Christmas!
In front of our house

The snow continued to fall throughout the night

Our sidewalk and front door

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