Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seven Month Samuel

In his seventh month, Samuel:
Was always smiling. 
Rarely cried unless he was hungry or sleepy.
Slept at least 6 hours at night.
Sometimes he slept 8!
Took his first "crawl".
Usually gets up on his knees, but forgets to straighten out his arms.
Saw his first Christmas lights with the Clarks.
Witnessed his first snow!
Weighed 16 + pounds.
Wore size 6 months in clothes.
Wore size 2 shoes.
Still in a size 3 diaper.
Went to West TN for 4 days over Thanksgiving.
Started eating baby food!
His first was applesauce, next bananas, then sweet potatoes.
DISLIKED sweet potatoes in a bad way!
Had an ultrasound of the skin tag on his neck.
The tag was NOT a tumor or a cyst,
     but was connected to the muscle.
Will visit a plastic surgeon at Vandy during his 8th month.
Saw lots of his family.
"Opened" his first Christmas present,
     which was a book from Sister Nita at church.
Was said to look like his Pappy,
   but was starting to favor his Mommy's baby pictures.
Loved playing with Daniel's trains.

Loved visiting with great-grandfather, Pop.

Meeting cousin Mason for the first time.

Letting cousin Karlee hold him.

Liked his Mimi's Christmas tree!

Disliked eating from a spoon...

but did it anyway.

because the applesauce was really good.

It made his belly happy!

Starting off Christmas with the Clarks...
Our visit to Cracker Barrel and seeing Christmas lights was terrible for Samuel...  He cried the entire time!  However, when it was time for pictures, he went to sleep.

Trying bananas but missing his applesauce.

Seeing his very own Christmas tree for the first time.

Loving jingle bells...

Getting fond of bananas!

All dressed up with his Mimi on Christmas Sunday
at the Mexican restaurant

Getting a picture with brother and Daddy

Trying to get a picture with brother and Mommy

Enjoying the Christmas season up under the tree.

His very first Christmas present!
Thank you, Sister Nita.

And, just because Daniel will need to know someday what Samuel and I did during his naps...  Here's a video I caught of Samuel after having rolled up to Daniel's toys while Daniel was asleep.  :)

Shhh, Samuel Got the Train from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

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Adrian said...

He's precious! I think he definitely favors his mommy :) Our new little blessing arriving in April (Cade Elias) will be eight months old next Christmas. Seeing these pictures makes me long for him even more!
Happy New Year to your sweet family!