Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Cacky's

I'm so thankful for family that believes in Christ and the beauty of traditions.  Every year, my mom's family gets together, no matter the place, and has the best traditions.  We always eat an amazing meal (with more food than the few of us can eat), sip white grape juice from fancy glasses, read the Christmas story from Luke, swap and open gifts (usually in order of age), eat as many sweets as possible, and sing Christmas hymns. 

This year was no exception, except that THIS year we threw TWO babies into the mix.  Oh wow, what fun!  My aunt, Cacky (actually Cathy, but I gave her the nickname when I was a baby) always makes Christmas so special when it's at her house!  She and her family go all out with decorating and cleaning and cooking and baking and making sure that all the details are just right.  I love that about them!  It was such a great time.  I will cherish these memories forever...

Pop and Samuel playing before dinner

The tables were all set!

Mimi wanted to get some Samuel love!

The singing, nutcracker-hamster had Daniel's undivided attention.

Reading the Christmas story.

Taking keyboard lessons from Anna

Opening his Thomas gifts from Anna

Samuel really wanted to open a gift too!

Playing with the train that went around the Christmas tree

The bag of apples we gave to Pop -
I had given him some when he was in the hospital,
and he claimed they were the BEST he'd ever had.

I was there.
I never get in pictures.
I'm always behind the lens.

The family gift to Pop and Gran-Ju

Daniel could not wait to open his "Mel-mo" gift.
It was from Pop and Gran-Ju...
But it wasn't Elmo.

It was a basketball goal!

Oh, and these cars were wonderful!
Thank you, Pop and Gran-Ju!

Chasing Bootsie the cat around the house...

Mesmorized by Anna's flute

He wanted to make this trio a quartet!

Having fun with Uncle Ricky before heading home.

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