Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at Mimi's

We always have brunch at Mimi's house during the holiday.  This year, we headed to Mimi's on Christmas Eve day (Mimi is Jenna's mom).  The boys are so ridiculously loved (and spoiled) that I don't think either cared too much about the WONDERFUL food...  Daniel was dead-set on going straight for the gifts.

The first thing Daniel noticed was this train bag...
Thankfully, it was for him.

OH WOW, the theme of the day was Thomas the Train.
Here's a Thomas and a Thomas dvd.

A Thomas "Etch-a-Sketch"

Mimi is soooo good.

Thomas and Salty bathtub squirters

Mimi got a cooler, and Daniel thought it was SO COOL!

Samuel got a lot of little toys to chew on, play with, and listen to.
Mimi, Grandpa, and Aunt Ca know just what he likes.

Daniel still excited over the cooler.
Why didn't someone tell his parents that this would be all he'd need for Christmas?!

Thomas pajamas and a "Good Night Thomas" pal

Mommy and Samuel waiting their turns

Lining up all of his trains from Mimi and Aunt Ca

Daniel opened Samuel's new Britax Carseat!

Mimi, let me help you open this gift.
It's from me, my family, and Aunt Ca to you.

See, Mimi, it's that stuff you can climb in and out of!
LUGGAGE for Mimi

Oh, and this is a public service announcement to my husband
(and any other parent who doesn't recognize the problem here):
When opening children's toys, despite the madness of getting them out of their boxes, please keep scissors in a CLOSED position and OUT of the reach of children.
Please and thank you.

But, the best gift of all... 

Had to be the surprise Grandpa left for Daniel in Mimi's garage!

We all got bundled up to spend the next hour in the garage.
Daniel played on his new tractor for almost an hour.

He was so proud of it...
Running into the garage door didn't phase him one bit.

He wore this sweet face for the rest of the day.

He even wanted to ride in the wagon.

And, he was so happy, it melted all of our hearts.

He rode. and rode. and rode. and rode.

He even let Mommy drive him around in the tractor!

We all believed that all of his Thomas things would be forgotten due to the excitement from the green and yellow John Deere.  But, would you believe that the following is what he wanted to do as SOON as we got home? 


Lining up all of his trains
(Thank you to Mimi, Aunt Ca, and Anna)

Last but not least, he played in the tub with his new Thomas squirters!
I guess we know what Daniel's favorite gifts were this year!

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