Friday, December 24, 2010

The Sweetest Gifts...

are usually the first ones they open.
(At least that's what I've learned this year.)

Daniel really enjoyed opening presents this year.  Last year, he was only 8 months old and wasn't very impressed with wrapping or the gifts behind it.  This year, however, was so much fun because with each gift, he just lit up ripping off each piece of wrapping.  When he'd get a glimpse of what he was opening, he would tear into the paper as if he couldn't get it off quick enough. 

The first gift of the season (when he really got the hang of opening) was from a sweet lady from our church.  She was so thoughtful in getting Daniel something he would truly enjoy - something he could "read," played MANY noises, and featured one of his very favorite thing, Cars.

Brian actually placed it under the tree the night he came home from church with it, so that when Daniel woke up the next morning, he could find it there!  He was so excited, wild hair and all.

Ripping off every single tiny piece of paper.

OH, it's "Cars!"

Look how happy he was!

Looking through the book.

Climbing up on the table to get a better view.

And, sweet Sister Nita didn't forget Samuel!  She got him a book as well, one that's perfect for his little hands.

We cannot thank God enough for Sister Nita and others who were so kind to think of our boys this holiday season.  If I began to name them all, it'd take way too long.

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