Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling Fine at Nine (Months Old)

Daniel turned a whopping 9 months old today, and WOW, what a month it has been!

In his 34th week:
He found his way into Mom and Dad's shower!  Often...
He visited the Opryland Hotel with his family to see the lights.
He saw his very first nativity scene there.
He had Christmas Eve with his Mom and Dad.
They gave him 3 gifts...  just like Jesus received.
His Daddy read him the Christmas Story from Luke.
He got his red GT walker from Grandpa and loved it!
His Mimi gave him a talking Elmo and an Elmo movie... 
He really liked Elmo!
He started pushing his lion walk n' ride while on his knees...

In his 35th week:
He visited West TN to have Christmas with family.
His Mema got him a stick horse, and he wasn't sure about it.
He let his cousin, Landon, feed him a bottle.
Mostly, he wanted to hold them all by himself!
He met up with his family on his Nana's side of the family.
He really entertained all of the girls!
He went to a New Year's gathering with his buddies, the Clark and Harris families.
He stayed up to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve!
He cut his second tooth!
He enjoyed playing with plastic bottles.


In his 36th week:
His two teeth were all the rave!

He got a Costa Rica hat from his friend Thomas.
He loved riding Daddy's shoulders...
And for Daddy to toss him up into the air.
He saw his first snow and loved playing in it.
His friend Pierce came to visit...
Daniel enjoyed climbing on him.
He went to Izzy's 1st birthday party and ate cake!
He loved playing at Mommy's feet while she painted.
He got lots of visits from Pop and Mimi!
He liked playing with Pop and reading with Mimi.

In his 37th week:
He found out he'd be having a baby brother!
Then, his Mommy got the stomach bug...
SO, he spent lots of time with Daddy, Grandpa, Mimi, and Aunt Jessica.
When she was better, she got sick again in her kidney and landed in the hospital.
He hoped she'd be home soon and she was!
He began crawling over and under everything!
He started snorting and smiling before and after each bite.
He loved eating saltine crackers.
His favorite toys were Legos and his TN Vols ball hat.
He stuck out his tongue while watching television.
It became impossible to change his diaper...
He'd either crawl away halfway through,
Or he'd kick and fuss until it was over.
He stood up on his own!
He started Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.
Except it isn't working yet...
He shopped for something to help him fall asleep.

We cannot believe he's already this big, but he's such an incredible blessing!

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