Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Vacation... Johnson Style

The Sunday after Christmas we headed west to Clarksburg for Brian's family Christmas.  If I told you how many hilarious things happened while we were there, you honestly wouldn't believe me because it became our very own rendition of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation.  From the water heater going out, forgetting presents for everyone who would be there, running to Walmart to buy Mema gifts because her big gift (framed pictures of all of us which we had taken two months earlier without her knowing) wasn't ready at Hobby Lobby, unexpected yet wonderful guests, wrapping last minute, eating more leftovers than I care to recall, being woke up by either a crying baby or a dedicated hunter (who only hunts once a year), to being more thankful than you can imagine due to a growing, healthy, rambunctious, always eating, messy, cold, hilarious bunch of family.  We even sat around telling what we were thankful for in this year - because we've lost Granddaddy, Thomas, and Cindy yet we've seen 6-year-old Hayden recover and strive after a partial removal of a tumor.  I mean, the blessings are more than I can tell you, but here are some of the pictures from our amazing Christmas Vacation.

Daniel checking out his great-uncle David

Brian and nephew, Landon, reading the Christmas Story

Daniel with his stick horse from Mema

The cutest girls and nieces you'll ever see -
trying on their new clothes!

Cousin, Landon, feeding Daniel his bottle

Mason, Landon, and Brian working off their food

The whole Johnson family

Daniel taking a bath at his Aunt Kim's

When we left Clarksburg, we headed even further west to Jackson, where we met up with Brian's mom's sister and her family.  We love getting to see them because it isn't often when we do.  We stopped at this great pizza buffet, Snappy Tomatoes, and really enjoyed each other as much as we did the food.  Here are few pictures of our last Christmas gathering.

Daniel entertaining his cousin Jodi

With cousin Kevin

It's been a while since Daniel has seen
his great-aunt Dina.

Daniel showing off for all the ladies!

Daniel with Daddy and his buddy, James Evan

Great-uncle Bubba and Daniel
Daniel was ready to get down and crawl!

Cousins Kevin and Brian

Brian and his aunt, Dina

Again, we are so blessed with a loving family!
We love and already miss you all.

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