Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day for Daniel

Daniel started his morning at his Mimi's.  We'd already been to Mimi's the week before, but we hold our immediate family Christmas for brunch on Christmas Day.  It's the morning where Daniel (and the rest of us) get ridiculously blessed and spoiled by my parents.  The morning went a little something like this for Daniel:

Daniel got a GT from Grandpa.
It is the most amazing walker I've ever seen!
He "drove" around the house all morning,
and it's also a jumper!
He had a blast!

Here Daniel is taking a break from riding.
He's found a love for playing Mimi's piano.
He really loves pushing on the foot pedals!

He started getting the hang of opening presents.
These were from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Andrew.
New onesies - that he's already outgrown!

He was really excited over this big box from Mimi.

He couldn't wait to get into his lion walk n' ride!

Who knew Pampers Cruisers would be such an great gift?!
He played with the box for a while...

That is, until Dad opened up his Elmo from Mimi!
He L-O-V-E-S Elmo!

He and Elmo became close friends watching a movie together.
We love this walker!
Mimi got Daniel this Elmo movie,
and he wouldn't take his eyes off of the screen!

And, at the end of the day...
Daniel and his lion had a T-I-M-E
learning to walk around.

As for the rest of us, I'll just hit the highlights - I mean, my mom is the best gift-giver you'll ever meet.  I couldn't possibly show you just how great it all was for us!

Brian got:
A round of golf to Twelve Stones,
the 2010 Tiger Wii golf game,
an awesome argyle sweater and button up shirt,
the Flywheel movie,
some more stuff I cannot remember,
and Chick Fil A gift card and calendar...
Our very FAVORITE!

Andrew got:
some Glenn Beck book,
a BUNCH of movies,
a few pair of jeans,
a gift certificate to Guns and Leather, and
a box of Count Chocula!
It's his favorite and it only comes out in the fall.
Mom always stocks up and buys him a bunch!

Jessica got:
a LOT of sweaters,
the latest Harry Potter movie,
obviously things I don't recall,
and this awesome set of flatware!

I got:
a Maternity dress,
lots of tights,
two pairs of FLAT ballet shoes,
a Bar-b-Cutie gift card
(which is actually Brian's lunch spot),
a velour sweatsuit,
more and more I cannot remember,
and the very best of all:
a can opener that works!
We've had every single kind...
They always stop working!

We all gave Mimi:
her yearly Thomas Kinkade calendar,
a bottle of Pleasures perfume from Daniel,
and this P. Graham Dunn picture,
which she loved!
(probably because it LOOKS like a Thomas Kinkade)

Grandpa got "a few of his favorite things":
a pair of TN Vols' pajama pants,
a gift card to Chef's Market,
a car cleaning kit,
and a John Deere calendar -
which I personalized with pictures
of each family member on their birthday
so he'll never forget.

And, in case you didn't notice...
Baby Johnson was there too!
Except he/she didn't get anything...
Well, other than an amazing brunch!

We love our family!  Thank you, Lord, for them.

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