Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daniel's First Taste of Christmas

Daniel couldn't WAIT to get into these gifts...  This was his first look at all of his gifts from his great-grandfather, Pop, the morning we were to have Christmas with the Honeycutt family.

So, we're a bit late at posting these, but Daniel wanted to share his first Christmas with you...  He had it on the Saturday before Christmas at his Mimi's house with all of the family.  Daniel got so many great gifts, and he got a LOT of love that day...  Here's how it went:

The Johnson snowman family - I made these and one for every member of our family as a centerpiece.

First of all, look how excited he is because of DIAPERS, because every baby needs them!

His very own "Sports Center" from his cousin, Anna Laura.  He LOVED it!

Making his Pop (and everyone else) laugh...

Our family in front of the delicious deserts...

Even Daniel got into the sweets, eating one of the pretzel snowmen.

Falling asleep at the lunch table - Christmas is very tiring!

After his nap, he found out something he loves to do - ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Playing on his Walk 'n Ride from Pop and Gran-Ju

His favorite gift - his choo choo train!
Isn't he just the cutest conductor in his overalls?!

4 Generations - Pop, Mimi, Mommy, and Daniel

Daniel had a great day experiencing Christmas for the first time!  He had many more festivities to come...

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Anonymous said...

Daniel is so stinkin cute! I love how expressive he is! And the snowmen turned out really cute. No wonder everyone at church was oohing and aahing over them. :)