Monday, January 11, 2010

Better than Ice Cream

I've never had Maggie Moo's ice cream, and I'm sure if I did, I'd be hooked.  However, since I've gotten it on your mind, let me tell you about something better than their ice cream.  What?  Better than ice cream?  I know, we're all suckers for it, but I hope you'll settle for allowing me to introduce you to a dear friend and sister-in-the-faith, Alison

Alison and I went to high school together, and though I was a few years younger than her, I vividly remember her kindness to me even then.  Though time has flown, I was fortunate enough to find her blog online - Maggie Moo's Mom - only to discover how incredibly talented she is.  The Lord has blessed her with an amazing gift.  Please take the time today to visit her site and enter to win a great give-away!  I've been sporting one of her adorable keyfobs for months now!

All my love,

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