Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fabulously Five

In his 18th week:
He weighed 16 lbs and 1 1/2 ounces.
He was in the 75th percentile in weight, length, and head circumference.
Size 3 diapers...  Good-N-E-S-S!
He was introduced to Applesauce baby food.
He L-O-V-E-D to eat from the spoon.
He learned how to spit... On his own.
Teething was a monster.
He went to his first football game.
He played with his buddy, Pierce.
He enjoyed touching the face of whoever was holding him.
He was SO close to sitting on his own... with his hands holding him up.
He discovered the monitor in his crib.
He was beginning to crawl...
He would get on his knees, rear in the air, head on the floor, and just push.
He never really crawled... yet.

In his 19th week:
He started Banana baby food again.
Except this time it WAS NOT organic.
Organic gave him a rash. So strange.
He would only take a pacifier if he could put it all the way in his mouth.
He was big enough to wear 9 month clothes.
He really attempted to hold his own bottle.
He would reach for anything in his sight.
He could sit up IF his hands were on the floor.
But later in the week, he could sit up without hands.
For all of 10 seconds...
He rolled everywhere.
The television continued to amaze him.
His signature face was when his mouth was wide open, drool was running down his chin, and he was wide-eyed.
He chewed on everything.

In his 20th week:
He became more aware of his hands.
He ate peaches like you wouldn't believe!
He smiled more than any kid I know!
He got a lot of visit from his family - because Mommy had to paint and was sick.
He started this weird habit of hitting himself in the stomach.
Changing his diaper was impossible UNLESS you handed him an empty bag of wipes...
He loved to hear the sound it made!
He rolled all over everywhere.  He would not stay put.
He enjoyed his umbrella stroller more than anything else he had.
TEETHING - He drooled.  He slobbered.  He was always chewing on something.
Oh, and he ate the fire out of some baby food prunes!
He watched slept through his daddy playing in his alumni basketball game.

In his 21st week:
He began eating vegetables...  Squash that is.  Baby food version.
Oh, and 1st food jars were not enough for him!
It's official.  6 month clothes were too small.
He sat up leaned mostly.
Well, he would sit up by leaning on his hands, but that counts as sitting up to his parents.
He tried his Johnny Jump Up for the first time!
He shopped 'til he dropped with his momma.
Everybody he knows was having birthdays and weddings!
He started loving his daddy...
He would follow daddy's every, single move.
He'd grin when daddy got home or when he walked into the room.
He took a crawling step...  just one though.  He's working hard on it.
Oh, and he FINALLY took a pacifier to help with bedtime.
But, of course, it's only a certain kind.  Playtex Binky's.
He also ate sweet potatoes, and ate them UP.

Oh, and here are some other events in Daniel's fifth month...

Eating was always a funny and messy occasion.

He was busy learning how to sit up on his own.

Teaching Daniel that the new car seat wasn't so bad.  It's also his new recliner.  Here he was in front of the television.

Visiting his cousins in West TN for his daddy's Alumni basketball game

Playing in his Johnny Jump Up

He surprised us when he took his first step...  crawling, that is.

Getting dressed up for the UT/Florida game...  SOMEONE, please, buy this kid some Black and Gold gear.

At his friend, Addy's 1st birthday party

Kissing Mommy at the party

Playing with some of his FAVORITE girls...

Oh, and I forgot to show this when Daniel FIRST had baby food...

Bananas, Baby! from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

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