Friday, September 11, 2009

Mmmm... Peaches!

Daniel's in the introductory phase of baby food, meaning we're trying each food for three days before moving onto a new one.  He's made it through organic bananas (which were awful in the form of a rough rash in an odd place), applesauce, bananas for a 2nd time, and now, we've made it to peaches.  They are, by far, the worst nastiest, most disgusting food we've had so far - only because they stink to high heavens and he's needing diaper changes like a crazy fool.  However, the stink and poop don't seem to bother Daniel; he's eating this stuff UP.  See for yourself...

Eating peaches for the first time...

and enjoying them fairly well.
Another day, some more peaches, and yet his parents won't stay out of his face for him to eat.
Mmmm, these are some good peaches.

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