Saturday, September 5, 2009

Becoming Buddies

Jennifer, my childhood/high school/lifelong friend, and I had baby boys within a few weeks of each other. Daniel was born on April 20th, and Pierce came along on May 11th. She and I went through pregnancy together, and it was such a relief to have someone to unload everything on, complain with, and simply just be fat pregnant together. We, of course, wanted our boys to meet each other. Though they had met before, Jenn brought Pierce by to see Daniel, and they are both at the age where people are just so fascinating to them. Here are a few pictures of their meeting...

 Daniel was asleep when they arrived...

Daniel finally woke up to say hi to Jennifer.

Daniel and his mommy with Pierce and his mommy
Daniel really liked Pierce; he just HAD to touch him.

Will you be my friend, Pierce?

Pierce and Daniel: The very beginning of becoming buddies

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