Thursday, May 23, 2013

Samuel is 3!

In all my life, I never imagined a child as sweet as this precious boy of ours.  He is the most cautious, kind-hearted little boy I've ever been around, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mommy.  :)

When Samuel Turned 3, He:
Weighed 32 lbs.
Was 50% in weight and height.
Wore size 4-6 diapers.  Any size works.
Had 20/20 vision. *
Wore size 8 and 8 1/2 shoes in wide or extra wide width.
Loved wearing Crocs.
Still wore size 24 month and some 2T clothes.
Hated socks.
Disliked having his teeth and hair brushed.
Also disliked getting wet.
Did not want to potty train.
Hated getting dirty.
Did not like being touched.
Did NOT want us (or anyone) to sing Happy Birthday to him.
Had just learned to pedal the tricycle.
Always wanted to eat Mexican.
Loved to order rice.
Was very particular about everything.
Liked talking on the phone.
Finally didn't want much help.
Became a bit more independent.
Threw way too many fits.
Cried when in trouble.
Always wanted to sing.
Loved to pray before bed.
Didn't forget anything.
Didn't care much about birthdays.
Was super rough on Elias.
Started retaliating against Daniel.
Was always fighting with his brothers.
FINALLY liked playing outside.
Loved sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
Was very shy.
Was very cautious about talking to others.
Could not handle being in a crowd.
Was super whiny when he didn't get his way.
Asked for basketball birthday cupcakes.
Didn't even eat one when he took them to Mother's Day Out.
Was such a little man.
Was very shy.
Could say his ABCs.
Counted from 1-15.
Had trouble distinguishing between red, green, and blue.
Loved sweet tea.
Always wanted a snack or to be eating.
Ate all the time.
Wanted to sit in the church service.
Had an amazing vocabulary.
Slept through the night.
Was a bit more daring...  jumped off the couch!
Was bossy.

Photo Credit:
Aunt Kimberly Maness of

*Side note regarding his 20/20 vision:  
During his vision testing, he had to name the basic shapes he saw on the board.  Basic shapes and items I saw on the chart were circle, the letter t, and a sailboat.  Samuel said, "Ball.  Cross.  Pirate Ship."  He always is more descriptive and sees things so much more elaborately than I do!

Such a silly guy!

Celebrating his Mommy's 30th in January!

Showing us his new found food love of Mexican food!

He had $10 to spend on anything he wanted 
from his Mema for Valentine's!
He bought a bag of school supplies 
and a Vandy foam fingers...
Makes this Mommy's heart happy.  

Snoozing after church in his shades.

Perks of Minister's School...
Stopping by Frosty Freeze in Franklin.

With his sweet baby friend, Lily

Learning (or trying) to pedal the tricycle

On his last day of MDO 2013
with his teacher, Mrs. Rochelle.
He loves her.

At his 3rd birthday party

Playing indoor baseball at his party

Eating birthday cake

Mommy and the almost 3-year-old

This kid loves a John Deere.

At his end of year MDO program...
He was NOT a fan.

His gift to his Mimi for Mother's Day.
He answered these questions about her.

Samuel's summer painting for Mimi

3rd Birthday Countdown!


Basketball cupcakes for his birthday at MDO

Woke to a birthday phone call from Mimi

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Eating an orange basketball cupcake

Showing us how old he is!
one. two. THREE!

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Anonymous said...

He is 4 sure PRECIOUS..........With too special Parents.