Saturday, May 25, 2013

Elias' 1st Birthday "BALL" Party (in Pictures)

Birthday parties are my favorite things to plan and create for our children!  I go way overboard.  I spend way too much time planning, creating, cutting, glueing, sewing, and crafting.  However, it's a blessing to get to celebrate the gifts God has given us!  

The invitations

The birthday banner

The birthday banner 

The birthday banner

His birthday shirt

What Elias thought about it!

The foyer table
Elias' newborn and 1 year pictures

Gumball Guess

What Did Elias Do game

Guests had to look at pictures of Elias' first year
and guess the age at which he did them.


More Pictures

Smiling for his Pop

Pom Pom Decor and Favors
I used Ball Jars all over the party to decorate!

Favor Bags

Gum Balls, Rainbow Twizzlers, and Dum Dum Pops

Table with Pom Pom Lines and 

So cute!

Polka Dots and Lots of Color

Round Fixin's for the Burgers and Dogs

Cheese Ball Puffs, Round Wavy Lays, 
and Melon Ball Salad

Rainbow Slush

Elias' Smash Cake 
that he did not care anything about.

Colorful Cupcakes

Mommy and Elias

Sweet E
Though my Nana passed away years ago,
I used her fabric on Elias' E.  
I love that she's been "a part" 
in the boys' parties!

Elias' Cupcake to Smash

He disliked it.

He hates being messy.

Birthday Bath

Opening gifts

He literally grabbed the check out of this card!

He was thrilled with it!

Pointing at Mickey

Smiling at Mickey Mouse from Mimi

Opening his present

Excited to figure out this ball popper.

He loved this thing.

He laughed over and over!

It cracked him up!

His car from Mom and Dad!

Waving bye-bye

His Mickey Mouse ball pit from Mimi

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