Friday, May 17, 2013

Elias is 1!

In His 12th Month, Elias:
Weighed 24 lbs.
Wore size 18 month clothes.
Wore size 4 and 5 in diapers.
Wore size 4 shoes, but really hated them.
Always had one sock on, one off.
Still had rashes, eczema, and skin allergies.
Favorite place to be was the bathtub.
Favorite food was lasagna.
Visited the farm where Grandpa lives!
Sat on a four wheeler.
Met his cousins, Gunner and Jase.
Let his great aunt Jan hold him!
Celebrated Daniel's birthday!
Began drinking from a sippy cup.
Tried whole milk...  major problems resulted.
Advised to put him on skim milk.
Had Thicken It added to all of his liquids.
Went to see Dr. Fazili, his pulmonologist after being sick.
Was put on Flovent and Astrovent inhalers.
Would have a procedure to check on reflux and other issues
    to see what was causing all of his sicknesses.
Liked V8 juice, but no other kind.
Favorite toy was a ball.  Any kind.
Loved to throw and try to catch.
Enjoyed his brothers' joint party!
Started walking the day of the b-day party!
That was April 27th!
Liked their cake, but not the icing.
Had a follow-up with feeding therapy.
Said he is doing great!
Had three procedures at Vandy on May 10th:
bronchoscopy, endoscopy, and impendence pH probe.
Probe lasted 24 hours.  He wore it home.
It was awful.  He was miserable.
He and Mommy stayed at Mimi's overnight.
Malacia is still there but improved in bronchial tubes.
No abnormalities or structural issues.  Praise God!
Results should come in 2 weeks.
Probe results came early on Tuesday, May 14.
Has silent acid reflux only while sleeping.
May explain why he wakes through the night.
Put on 1 capsule of Omeprazole with dinner.
Loved to walk in the backyard barefoot.
Pointed at what he wanted.
Made a lot of grunts and said a lot of "ooh" and "uh".
Said ma-ma, da-da, dow (down), ah, uh, oh, and hi.
Loves his Daddy.  A lot.
Walked to Daddy every afternoon
     when he comes in from work.
Daniel and Samuel can make him laugh like no one else!
When told to cheese, he closes his eyes and shows his teeth!
Takes two naps.
Loves music.  Bounces when he hears it.
Still puts everything in his mouth.
Finds the smallest specks of dirt on the ground.
Then puts them in his mouth, of course.
Made a huge mess with pop-tarts on the carpet.
Favorite snacks are crackers!

Here are some other 12 Month highlights:
Really liked Pop-tarts but didn't like the messy filling.

Sitting on Grandpa's four wheeler with Daddy.

Big boys run in the family.
Elias with Aunt Jan and Cousin Jase

Eating at the Catfish House on Daniel's birthday

Trying (or scowling at) a sippy cup for the 1st time

I see your teeth!

Houston, we have a climber.

He loves music.
Making noise with this instrument.

Trying out his new inhaler/chamber.
He only likes it when HE is holding it.
In action, he's mad as all get out.

Does he drool a bit?

Playing peek-a-boo with Mommy.

Took off walking on this day, April 27th.
Hasn't stopped since!

The whole family at the birthday party

All of the boys checking on the garden

The May 10th afternoon of his procedures...
Riding while waiting.

Still waiting...

In recovery = Beast

Absolutely hated these "no-no" casts to keep him 
from removing his pH probe from his nose.

Eating some graham crackers so he could go home!

He was exhausted.
So sweet.

Look at me!

So miserable sleeping.

So ready to get these things off.

Clapping and happy to have his hands free!
This was after having the probe removed.
He clapped for 10 minutes straight.  :)

Still clapping.

Eating Mexican on Mother's Day

Always wanting to eat what Mom has.

The birthday countdown 
to Elias (and Samuel's) birthday

Happy Birthday, precious Elias Joseph!
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