Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Gifts of 2012

This gift came early.
In that box was a Vanderbilt hoodie
from Brian to me.
In the box that followed were two tickets
to the Vanderbilt bowl game!

This Noah's Ark was such a huge hit!
It was from Pop to Elias, 
but Daniel and Samuel love it too.

Mimi's gift to Samuel was perfect.
He is such a little musician.
He loves this thing.

That's what Daniel was when
Mimi brought out her gift to him.
A remote controlled Cranky 
to go with his Thomas trains and tracks.
It's awesome.

The actual child's grocery cart 
from Grandpa to Samuel
(which Mommy spray painted
and made it to look brand new)
has been used non-stop.
Not only does it carry grocery boxes,
it also carries tracks, animals, and books.

Two surprises from Daddy to Mommy
are in this picture:
1) the necklace I am wearing has all 5 
of our children's names stamped into it - 
sweetest thing ever
2) the sketch of Elias done by a young man
that is incredibly talented and is in the 
program at the Mission where Brian works.

Mimi's gift to Elias was this
Chase and Race town.
All three boys enjoy it!

Aunt Ca got each of the boys a bathtub paint set.
Be still my heart.
They've had two baths in less than 24 hours.
They love painting in the tub so much.

Grandpa's gift to Elias is a keeper.
Our sickish little one actually smiled
when he started playing with it.

The best gifts are not things...
For me, the best gift of all
is the gift of Christ and His love.
It is because of Him 
that we know how to love
and be loved.
My heart is FULL.

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