Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh, The Things Daniel Says!

While opening his Thomas Mega Bloks' set, he tells cousin Zach:
You need the constructions.
(which of course means instructions)

Early one morning, as I sat in the floor with the boys, changing diapers:
Mom, are you wearing a bra?
Um, no, Daniel, I just woke up.
You need to hurry up and get one on or your milk is gonna be spilling.

On our way to Mimi's, we realize that Daniel knows directions:
You need to turn left here.
At the red light, then you need to go right by Cracker Barrel.

Mom, may I have a cookie?
Maybe in a little while.
She said I CAN!  Right now!  My mommy said that.

Laying in bed one night, about to fall asleep:
You know, Mom, it sure is freezing.

Upon seeing his gifts:
Oh. my. goodness.

Seeing a strange commercial:
What in the world?!

When he found Elias chewing on paper:
Are you kidding me?!

On Christmas morning:
Look at my decorations!  They are yewtiful!
(decorations means gifts - yewtiful means beautiful)

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