Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Samuel Turns 13 Months Old

Nope, I don't believe it either, but it's what the calendar said.
(Samuel turned 13 months on 6/23/11)
In His 13th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 22ish lbs.
Wore a size 3ish wide in shoes.
Skipped 12 month clothes.
Fit into 12-18 month clothes.
The shorts and pants in that size were WAY too long.
Was SUPER short.
Wore sizes 3 and/or 4 in diapers.
Celebrated at his 1st birthday party!
Hated the cake for whatever reason.
Loved Lightning McQueen and balls.
Waved, crawled, stood up, laughed...
Said uh-oh, da-da, ball, hi, ma-ma, and wow.
Made the sippy cup switch.
Still wanted a bottle at night.
Got his 5th and 6th teeth in a day!
Had his first haircut on June 10th by Aunt Ca.
Didn't like it until we fed him Fruit Loops to pass the time.
Walked for the first time on June 20th at 5:30 p.m.!
Mommy was VERY excited!
Her screaming scared Samuel.
Saw his first movie, Cars 2, at the Franklin drive-in.
Enjoyed 3 weeks with his cousin, James Evan.
Made such hilarious faces!

Some of Samuel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):   Chicken Nuggets and Pancakes
Toy(s):   Balls, Lightning McQueen cars, Elmo
Show(s):   Sesame Street
Movie(s):   Elmo in Grouchland and Cars
Snack:   Graham Crackers and Fruit Loops
Song:   I'm a Little Teapot
Saying(s):  Wow.  Hi.  Whoa!
Color: Green (he says everything is "green")
Thing to Do:   Strolling, Stealing Daniel's Toys, Being Held
People:  MOMMY - no one else!

Giving Mommy his infamous grin during his pancake breakfast

With Mommy at his 1st Birthday Party

Not too sure about his birthday cake

Giving Pop a hug

Sliding with Mommy

On the playground with Daddy

Riding in the car with Daniel

Getting his first haircut

Eating his favorite snack at Mimi's house

At his 1st VBS in his VBS shirt :)

With the whole VBS gang!

Riding the pony at Walmart with brother

A group shot without Mommy

At the Franklin drive-in waiting for Cars 2 to begin

Enjoying the movie and the chocolate Teddy Grahams
Standing with Mommy

Showing us how he can walk!

Showing Mommy who the bosses are!


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