Monday, June 27, 2011

Can I Get an Amen?

Not too long before Daniel turned two, I became fairly serious about praying around Daniel.  A dear friend of mine suggested the idea of praying over our children, having them hear us pray aloud, and knowing they will imitate how we talk to our Heavenly Father.  I had never considered how children learned to pray, but I feel strongly that my kids should learn from me.

While I know that Daniel is only two, he caught on very quickly.  He held our hands while we prayed before dinner each night and would announce, "Amen!" when he was ready for Daddy's prayers to come to an end.  At night when I would put him into bed, I would pray for all of our family, his friends at Mother's Day Out, our church, and of course, for Daniel and Samuel to sleep well.  Daniel would wait until I finished speaking and would proudly exclaim, "Amen!"

I have to be honest, though, because I am not the best at following through.  There are days when I would forget to pray over our pancakes, and Daniel would yell, "Amen," in my direction. 

Tonight, my precious boy called me out yet again.  I was laying beside his bed as he finished his water.  It has been one of those days where I found myself completely frustrated that I had accomplished nothing around the house and Daniel had driven me up the wall with removing his clothes and spitting all day long.  I decided the silent treatment might help him fall asleep quickly, so I kept my eyes closed as he tossed and turned.  I have to admit, I was drifting off when Daniel rolled onto his back and began naming names...  "Mommy, Daddy, God, Mimi, James, sleepin', Pa, Pop, Ca, Connor, Bizso (Isabelle), Samuel." 

It was long into his "rambling" that I realized what he was doing... 

My two-year-old was praying for his family, friends, and rest!  It was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard!  While I was busy being my I'm too busy to pray tonight because I need to paint and load the dishwasher and empty the diaper genie and wrap a gift and get two hours of sleep before one of the boys wakes up ridiculously selfish self, my toddler (via my Heavenly Father) was teaching his Mommy a lesson. 

God has never been too preoccupied for me.  He has never once failed to listen to me.  He has taken the time to love me with His arms wide open, while there are innumerable times when I toss praying aside.  Daniel was not willing to let my lack of communication with the Father stop him from doing so.  Oh, how I need to make more time for God!  How I need to realize that my children are listening as I pray! 

I want to encourage you (and myself) to pray for your children daily...  Aloud.  Allow your kids to hear you praying for them.  I've found myself praying, "Lord, help me have patience with Daniel as he is pouring his orange gatorade all over my floor, Amen!" and my messy boy looked up and stopped.  He hears me.  One day, Daniel will realize that I turned to my Heavenly Father and prayed to Him, no matter the time of day or the amount of work I needed to get finished.  If God is listening, then I should be speaking.  If God is speaking, I should be listening... 

And tonight, Father, I heard you clearly through Daniel's precious prayers.

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Mary Woods said...

Thanks, Jenna, I needed that! Love you!! :)