Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daniel is a WHOPPING 26 Months Old

(Daniel turned 26 months on 6/20/11)

In Daniel's 26th month, he:
Weighed 29ish pounds.
Wore size 2T in clothes.
Wore a size 8 shoe.
Wore size 4 diapers.
Would not take naps unless he "fell out."
Helped celebrate his brother's 1st birthday!
Went to his 1st VBS at Murfreesboro MBC.
It was "Onward Christian Soldiers."
Loved to march!
Went to his 2nd VBS at his own church.
Daddy wrote it.  :)
It was "Church House Rock!"
Had his cousin, James Evan, at his house.
James was here for 3 weeks.
Daniel LOVED James.
Had a major obsession with pennies and quarters.
Liked drinking (and spilling) from cups.
Loved to Swiffer Vacuum the kitchen.
Was scared of the actual vacuum.
Was a horrible sleeper.
Woke 3-4 times a night.
We think he's actually been sleep-walking.
Talked all the time.
Was super stingy, dramatic, and jealous.
(in no particular order)
Was a big helper.
Got many timeouts for hitting, climbing, and not listening.
Says his own prayers.
Loved to sing songs.
Asked for the "Baseball Bat" movie every single day.
(actually called "Everyone's Hero")
Really liked his neighbor Jaden.
Very visual learner.
Pointed to everything and said, "Mommy, look at ______!"
Would pray before bed.
Said "Amen" at the end of prayers and before he ate.
LOVED pizza!
Does NOT want to potty train.
Tells me he's "pottied" after his diaper is full.
Hopefully, next month, we'll try harder!
Was often found:
  • in the shower
  • in the washing machine
  • in the bathroom sinks, naked, with the water on
  • climbing on the kitchen table
  • trying to unlock the doors with keys or coins
  • climbing gates
  • pulling keys off the computer keyboards
  • dancing and singing
  • making messes with water
  • giving hugs and kisses
  • using good manners
  • turning on every light in the house
Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):   Pankcakes and Pizza (VERY healthy)
Toy(s):   Swimming Pool, Sprinkler, Train Tracks
Show(s):   The Backyardigans, VeggieTales, Dinosaur Train
Movie(s):   Everyone's Hero, Spiderman,
Snack(s):   Raisins, Teddy Grahams
Song(s):   ABCs and Rhyming Thingamajig (some song on a goofy kid cd)
Color(s):  Green, Blue, and Red (and he officially recognizes these)
Thing to Do:   WATER, Swimming, Sliding, Running, Dancing, Painting, Being Naked
People:  Mimi, Jaden, Mommy, James Evan, Daddy, Pa, and Aunt Ca

Popular Phrases and Words of the Month:
  • I want more.  I want water.  I want that.  I want ______.
  • Please.  Thank you.  I sorry.
  • I wanna color something.
  • Batteries or something?  (if something wasn't working)
  • Bye bye, church.  (this meant he wanted to leave and go to church)
  • No, it's MINE!
  • 1, 2, 3 (when he was in trouble)
  • I wanna touch it.  (he wanted to touch everything)
  • I LOVE it!  (still hasn't said, "I love you," yet)
  • I like it!
  • Help you!  (which meant "Help me!"
  • Kitchen?  (if he couldn't find some one or thing)
  • Ow, ouch!  Hurt this!
  • Um, Mommy, broken.  (if a dvd's credits came on or if a song ended)
  • (after making a mess) Uh, Mommy, mess!  Clean up!
Playing Peek-a-boo in the car!

Stomping in the mud in the backyard

Playing in Samuel's birthday gift from Mimi
with his dear friend, Addy

Getting a bite of Samuel's smash cake

Still eating cake after everyone had gone home...

Still playing in Samuel's gift after the party was over...
Thankfully, he kept his clothes ON until they were gone!

Making the best indoors on a rainy day...
and yes, he had taken off his own diaper.

Playing in the big bath tub

Thankfully, Daddy found him once he was halfway up! 

Swinging with Daddy on a night out in the neighborhood

Eating his shoes while taking a VBS picture

Because you wouldn't believe it if there weren't pictures...
Daniel climbed into the washing machine ON HIS OWN,
while it was filling with water and soap.
And yes, he was naked.
He had taken off all of his clothes,
climbed on the detergent bottle, and
hoisted himself into the machine!

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