Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Samuel Turned Two Months Old...

and he is getting so big, so fast.

In his 2nd month, Samuel:
Learned to hold his head up on his own.
Rolled from his stomach to his back.
Twice.  Hasn't done it since.
Ruined many a outfit with "messes."
That's because he outgrew the Newborn diapers.
I just kept using them until there were none.
Moved into size 1 diapers.
Began wearing 0-3 month clothes.
Newborns were getting snug.
Started smiling...  a lot.
Loved his Avent pacifiers.
Wanted to be held all the time.
Celebrated his Daddy's 30th birthday.
Slept through the surprise AND the party.
Visited with his cousin, James Evan.
Met his neighbor and friend, Jaden Max.
Stayed with Aunt Jessica while Mom, Dad, and Daniel went to the zoo.  It was HOT.  Samuel decided it'd be best to stay indoors.
Went to Gatlinburg for the first time.
Saw fireworks!
Tried his bouncer out.
Liked it.
Started noticing the mobile.
Smiled at the giraffe on it almost everytime he saw it.
Played "footsies" with Daniel.
Cried when Daniel head-butted him.
That happened OFTEN.
Smiled right at Daniel.
Then at Daddy.
Smiled all the time.
We just ate it up!

Laying with Jaden
(Jaden is two days younger than Samuel)

Sleeping through Daddy's birthday party
(Grandpa is a great pillow)

Looking at James Evan -
Saying our goodbyes

In Gatlinburg on the 4th

Leaving the Park with both boys in tow

At the mall with Addy -
She was worried he lost his paci.

Trying out the bouncer for the first time.

Making a "Pappy" face
(in loving memory of Pappy, Thomas B. Johnson)

Smiling at Daddy

Looking big, waiting for Mom to get ready to go!

I Love My Brother from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

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Nashville said...

Wow!! Hannah Grace is still in new born diapers and still in new born clothes...Today is her 3 month birthday and her 14 week birthday! They are getting so big so quick!