Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Every Bit of 15 Months

Our sweet, ball of energy turned 15 months old today!  I say "ball of energy" as a complete understatement.  Spend 15 minutes with our Daniel, and you'll completely understand what we mean. 

Here's what Daniel's been up to in his 15th month:
Found out his Aunt Kim was going to have another baby!
Went to West TN to pick up his cousin, James Evan.
Got to spend some time with his great-aunts.
Spent the week with James Evan!
Met his neighbor, Jaden Max, for the first time.
Celebrated his Daddy's 30th birthday!
Started dancing this month...
He would stomp his feet and turn in circles.
Started pointing to tell you EXACTLY what he wanted...
If he didn't want peas, he'd point at the peaches.
Fed himself his very own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Loved being in the tub.
Went to the zoo (finally) with Mommy and Daddy.
He loved the giraffes and the play area.
Went to Gatlinburg on the 4th of July weekend.
Fireworks didn't scare him.
Visited the Aquarium, and loved watching the sharks...
Favorite animal was the penguin.  By far.
Ate the fire out of some ham and pancakes...
Would "sit" in a chair to watch t.v. and be fed breakfast.
Had his first McDonald's Happy Meal.
Played in the creek.
Cried when I wouldn't let him stay in it.
Rode on Mom's back in the Beco baby carrier.
Started a bad case of separation anxiety.
Always wanted to be outside.
His Mimi bought him his FIRST SWINGSET!
Loved eating ice pops with Daddy.
Spent a lot of time with Paula and the girls.
Played with Addy, Kenz, and Kameryn at the mall, Chick fil A, etc.
Was in a book phase...
He pulled one with him almost everywhere he went.
Said "Uh oh" all. the. time.
Dropping his snack.  Uh oh.
Throwing his cup.  Uh oh.
Broke the DVD player.
Would SEARCH for Thomas the Train toys.
Attended his first VBS.
Still 7 teeth.  Drooling like crazy.
Had fun pulling off his shoes.
the. second. after. I. put. them. on. 
When going to sleep, had to have a blanket pulled to his face.
Liked sipping through a straw.
Said, "Hey," "E-I-E-I, (was missing the O)" and "Bye, Bye."
Called Mommy, "Mum."
Called Daddy, "Da. Da. Da-da-da-da."
Made the sounds to Aunt Jessica's name.
Favorite movie was "Meet the Robinsons."
He'd laugh out loud when the boy ripped pages out of his book.
I'm realizing JUST NOW that maybe this is the reason he's started tearing pages out of his own books...

With his cousin, James Evan

Meeting Jaden Max (in the middle)

Helping Daddy open his birthday present

Playing in the bathtub

Pointing at the giraffes at the zoo

Trying out his new float and pool toys

Very interested in this Happy Meal situation

Playing in the creek

Eating breakfast AND watching t.v., both while ACTUALLY SITTING in a chair.

Eating ham and pancakes in Pigeon Forge

Pointing at his favorite thing.

Playing at the mall

Loving his books...


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