Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Wouldn't Know It...

But I have two babies on my hands.  They're not twins, but they might as well be!

I'm busy with pumping, feeding the baby, cleaning, cooking, burping the baby, cutting up food for the toddler, teaching the tot to drink through a straw, changing diaper(S), washing clothes, following the 13-month-old, making sure big brother doesn't strangle/smack/kill the little brother, saying "NO" to the tot, trying to keep the pacifiers in the baby's mouth while toddler tries to take them out, picking up toys, laying one down for a nap while the other is screaming, attempting a double stroller, healing from labor, getting the older one to say words like "Samuel," "Please," "Thank you," and "Yes," learning to live completely on a schedule, going through 15 million baby/toddler clothes' changes, and loving on them as much as possible!

Oh, it's so much fun and so exhausting and so fulfilling and such a blessing. 

However, I honestly cannot find a single minute to:  show pictures of my daily events, post about these precious boys, and not to mention, find the actual USB cord to actually upload pictures to my computer. 

So, I'll get to doing that eventually...

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