Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Brother Turns 14 Months...

In his 14th month, Daniel:
Stayed with his Mimi and Aunt Jessica a LOT.
Came to the hospital to see his Mommy.
Met his baby brother for the first time.
Didn't care much for Samuel Levi at all.
Liked stealing his bottles and poking at his eyes.
Started giving "kisses" by placing his forehead on you.
Loved to splash!
Began using his spoon by himself.
Placed food on spoon, then put it in his mouth!
Figured out how to take his own diaper off...
Played in the pool and the sprinkler.
Practiced drinking from a straw.
Wanted anything we were eating.
    the couch, my desk, dad's hands, kitchen table...
Always used the "cheesy" grin.
Threw temper tantrums by laying on his stomach on the floor.
Learned how to put hats on his head.
Got a visit from his friends, the Hamiltons, on Memorial Day.
Enjoyed riding on people's shoulders.
Got his very first haircut from Aunt Jessica.
Ate corndogs,
Had fun visiting with Anna Laura and Cathy.
Chased flies with his hands.
Was constantly trying to get out the front door.
Said, "Ooo," "Aw," "E-va" (like Levi).
Shook his head, "no," all the time.
Had a blast on his slip n' slide.
Loved chasing his cousins.
Colored for the first time!
Ate at Cracker Barrel on the day he turned 14 months/Father's Day.
Got some big news this day as well... 
He'll understand it more in time!

Getting his very first haircut

Meeting his baby brother, and not caring one bit!

Visiting and showing off with Pop

Practicing this "straw" situation

Our Memphis friends came on Memorial Day!

Riding on Grandpa

Playing in the sprinkler (beach ball)

Stealing Jessica's corndog

The best toy he's ever gotten - thanks to Anna Laura!

Loving on his little brother

Sitting with Mommy and Samuel after our morning walk

Hanging with Grandpa in the back of the van

Giving his "cheesy" grin

Popping Hayden's silly bandz

Notice how all the kids are waiting for Daniel to get out of the way!

It only took 15 shots to get a somewhat decent one...
Wow!  All of the Johnson family kids!

Walking in Uncle Allen's boots

Splashing in the pool with Daddy

Playing with Daddy

Coloring Daddy's Father's Day card

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