Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet, Smiling Boy

He's always been the "shy" one.  He's very timid and cautious in most every situation.  He isn't quite sure about being left by mom even if it's with someone he knows very well.  He often cries when mom isn't the one putting him into bed.  He wants mom to pour his chocolate milk, mom to make his sam-wich, mom to brush his teeth, mom to change his clothes, and mom to hug him every morning.  He's particular and needs a routine.  He likes his sports blanket and has it with him whenever we are at home.  He usually has his drink in his left arm.  He likes to wear comfortable shorts and prefers crocs over any other type of shoe.  He can usually be found holding a book and pretending to be at church.  He sings all of the time and learns all of his older brother's lessons from school.  He knows sight words and letters.  He wants to be left alone while he's in the bathroom.  He is who he is, and I like it.

My favorite thing about him, though, is when he opens up.  When he comes out of his "shyness" and shows who he truly is.  He is really smart and recalls way too much.  His vocabulary is astounding considering his age, though most people have never heard him speak!  He's precious and funny and blunt.  He notices everything.  He calls you out if you're not doing something right.  He tells you not to say "gosh" because "it sounds like God."  He laughs with his eyes closed.  He makes his own jokes and writes his own lyrics to almost every song, then sings them in whatever tune he chooses.  He also tends to sing his thoughts to us.  He's genuine and honest most of the time.

Tonight, I watched as he cried being taken into his Wednesday night bible class at church.  I had to walk away knowing it was best for him.  I honestly sat in my study, wondering how he was, if he was comfortable yet, if he was missing me.  However, as class ended, I walked out the door to a surprise sighting of him, laughing with the other boys in his class as they walked back to the classroom hand in hand.  His smile was as big as I'd seen it in a while, and he was happy.  It was the most precious thing I'd seen him do in a while, and while I don't have it in pictures, I'll always cherish Samuel's sweet smile.

Pretending to be a soldier

Nervous about the chickens at the Apple Orchard

Happy to be celebrating Mimi's birthday

SUPER happy to be eating Mimi's birthday strawberry shortcake

Thrilled to have strawberries with his leftovers

Hilariously smiling for Mom after school one day

Excited to have dinner with Mom and Dad...
all to his sweet self!

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