Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just Some Things About the Boys...

Lately, the boys have really come to life in different ways.  I just cannot believe how different three little boys can be from one another, but in our home, it's truly a testament to God's amazing handiwork!


Daniel (4 years and 5 months old):

  • is beginning to recognize letters. 
  • can write his own name...  finally!
  • is really into his bunny rabbit he was given by Gran-Ju at a baby shower before he was born.
  • holds onto random things.  Pennies, rocks, shells...  you name it, he's got something in his pocket.
  • asks a thousand questions.  Why?  What?  How?  Tell me again.
  • dresses himself.  WOOHOO!
  • is raising money (coins to be exact) for a little girl in our community battling leukemia.  If he sees you any time soon, you'll get hit up for some pennies.  I'm just warning you!  He's the cutest little fundraiser I've seen!
  • loves to play baseball in the backyard.  He's crazy good.  Like he's-only-four-how-does-he-hit-so-hard good!
Samuel (3 years and 4 months old):
  • is recognizing letters.  A LOT of them.  He picks up more than I thought he could.
  • is beginning to write his name.
  • tries to dress himself.  
  • sings all of the time.  He sings questions to me, pretends to direct the choir, and is teaching Elias to do the same.  Just this morning, he is singing, "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "Jesus Loves Me," and he just finished asking for chocolate milk to the tune of "Baby Bumble Bee."
  • really likes preachers and going to church.
  • still cries when we take him somewhere, like the nursery, Mother's Day Out, or classes at church.
Elias (1 year and 4 months):
  • says da-da and mom all the time.  He also has added ball, look, and WHOA! to his list of words.
  • is running all the time.  
  • is really curious.  He opens, climbs, eats everything. 
  • has two favorite foods...  strawberries and veggie straws.  
  • may possibly have a milk allergy.  YUCK.  He's drinking only almond milk at this time.
  • points at everything he wants.  Even if it's something he can't have, he stands and points until you acknowledge his want.

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