Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School

I was intrigued when I read her response to my email concerning my son entering his final year of Mother's Day Out before Kindergarten.

"I think I'm going to need another PreK teacher...let me know if you know any one interested in a part-time job (wink wink)."

I knew she meant me.  I quickly forwarded the email to my husband, and instead of a response, he texted, "WHOA?!"  I wasn't sure if I'd be going back to teaching or not, but the idea was so intriguing.  I love to teach.  I love the opportunity to create in a classroom setting.  I love watching little eyes light up when they've realized something they didn't see before.  

But, God had called me 5 years ago away from the classroom.  He was clear.  So clear that I almost fought His directions to me.  God wanted me at home.  He wanted me to heal from my miscarriage.  He needed me to enjoy my second pregnancy and the birth of our first born without any distractions.  He also wanted me home when I quickly learned I was pregnant for a third time when Daniel was only 3 months old.  He knew I needed to stay within these four walls with sweet Samuel and his energetic, big toddler brother.  He had me here during the days of my 4th pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage, and He was ready for me to rejoice when becoming pregnant a fifth time.  He allowed me to watch Elias through all of his doctor visits, hospital stays, and procedures.  I have no questions NOW about why God called me out of teaching then.

It didn't take us but a day to prayerfully consider this new offer.  It was perfect for me and our little family.  I would teach at the Mother's Day Out program where our boys attend.  I would get paid for doing something I was trained by a university and gifted by God to do.  It was pretty clear to us that evening that I was going to be going back to teach Pre-K in the Fall of 2013.

Here I am.  

13 students (one of them is my own, Daniel), and I couldn't be more thrilled with what God and this program are allowing me to do each Tuesday and Thursday!  It's truly been so much fun and exciting going back to school, and I can't thank God enough for the opportunity to do so!

Our Carpet Area

The Wall of Art

Birthday Bulletin

Daniel was excited to find his name on the wall!
Oh, and to get his treat from his teacher, Mom.

Treat Bags for Students

Mine and Daniel's 1st Day of Pre-K

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