Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daniel is 4!

 Can you believe this?!  I definitely cannot.  

At 4 Years Old, Daniel:
Weighed 39 lbs.
Wore size 4T in clothes.
Wore size 11 shoes.
Was super busy and helpful.
Loved Thomas the train, STILL.  :)
Was always wanting to play outside.
Loved to drive his John Deere tractor.
Was a good eater...  Would try anything once.
Loved barbecue sauce.
Asked tons of questions.
Was very curious.
Liked to have an understanding or answer about everything.
Went to Minister's School in Kentucky.
Saw friends from Missouri and Ohio.
Enjoyed Easter!
Loved being surprised.
Had lots of dreams in his sleep.
Could tell us about them when he woke.
Got his 4 year shots.  Cried.
Ate ice cream at "Cherry" Yum afterward.
     (it's actually Plum Yum,
     but he thinks the fruit on their sign looks like a cherry.)
Sang all of the time.
Was so excited about his birthday.
Talked about birthdays all of the time.
Made up games.
Was always pretending.
Was quite bossy.
Thought everything should be "his" way.
Woke up sleepwalking or dreaming every single night.
Loved having his picture taken.
Had lots of friends.
Met no strangers.
Loved going shopping, getting out, making friends.

Who needs toys?!
The boxes are much more fun.

This boy loves his Mimi.
He has her heart.

Playing with Karaley...
Making her feel right at home.
Where is she?!

Waiting to see his Easter basket from Mimi.

He asked so much about when his birthday was 
that I got creative and made a link countdown.
He really liked it!  It helped him to visualize it.

Playing with the couch cushions...
Building a tower, of course.
Again, who needs toys?!

Being a good big brother.
Pushing his little brothers in the swings.

Picture day at Mother's Day Out

On the morning of his 4th birthday,
his first birthday card came in the mail.

Pop sent him a birthday check...
He was so, so, SO happy about it!

His birthday present from Mom and Dad...
Birthday #4 is so exciting.

His new soccer goal from Mom and Dad!

What to do on your birthday?!
Shovel compost into our new garden.
Daniel LOVED this.

We got ready to head out to Grandpa's farm 
on Daniel's birthday, and we noticed that it was
minutes away from the actual time he was born.

We love this boy!

Riding Grandpa's four wheeler on his birthday...  
What could be better for Daniel?!

Riding on a tractor with Grandpa!
That's what was better!

He (or actually his Daddy) wanted fish for his birthday.
The Catfish House, it was.

He was so thrilled over his caramel pie!

We asked Daniel what one special thing 
did he want to do for his birthday.
He answered easily,
"Monkey Joe's."
So, we invited his cousin Natalie 
and went the day after his birthday!

It was a blast!

Happy boy!

Daddy got them their first baseball mitts!

He shared his sports' birthday party with Samuel!
His #4 "jersey" was made by Mom.

He loved his birthday...
every single part of it.

Mimi got him "rainbow" sidewalk chalk
because he really likes "all the colors."
He loves rainbows and scribbling with all colors.

The only toy he really asked for.

Mimi did good!

His jersey...  
Cannot believe that our first born Daniel is 4!

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