Monday, April 1, 2013

20 Days to April 20th

If you were to ask Daniel when his birthday is, he'd tell you, "April twenty."

If you were to ask Daniel how old he'll be on his birthday, he'd say, "This many."  You'd then ask him how many that actually is, and he'll proclaim, "Four!"

If you were to ask Daniel what he wants for his birthday, he'd exclaim, "For my last birthday, I want a big, big, BIG jumper for my yard.  I need some more tracks.  I want a a big kid bed because I'm big now.  I want a sandbox and bubbles."

If you were to ask Daniel about his upcoming birthday party, he'd say, "It's going to be sports.  You know, a baseball, basketball, football, and maybe soccer.  And tennis too.  And hockey skates."

He's not exactly making this easy for us.

"You can get me a big cake.  I want my party to be at Monkey Joe's.  I'm gonna tell all my friends to come."

When we tell Daniel that he's sharing a party with Samuel (because their birthdays are only a month apart), he'll say, "Will you make me those Oreo balls?  Because they look like basketballs."

When we ask Daniel who he wants to invite to their party, he is particular, "Mimi, Grandpa, Ca and Natalie. Mrs. Jennifer and her daddy (who actually is her husband).  The crazy girls.  Mrs. Debbie and Courtney and Shannon (our next door neighbors).  Addy and Korbin too.  Kallie, Kenley, and Karlee (his cousins).  Brother James (who lives in Alaska).  Shia and Gavin and Samuel (his own brother).  Oh, and you and Daddy and Elias."

At this point, Samuel always chimes in, saying, "We should tell Sister Donna to come too."  Sister Donna keeps the boys during Wednesday night bible study.  They both really love the adults in their lives.  We are blessed with God-given friends, family, and church.

No joke, this fourth birthday is bigger than I imagined.  Daniel is really into birthdays and parties at this age, and his is a big deal to him.  He is so excited.  He came home from Mother's Day Out screaming that Mrs. Ann had his birthday on her chart at school!  He has talked about his party for months...  MONTHS.  It is something we talk about  He asks every morning if it's his birthday yet.  I finally made a birthday countdown to make it visual for him.  We cut a link from the birthday rope every night getting closer and closer to the "Daniel is 4" sign at the top of the door!  I cannot believe we have an almost 4 year old.  I feel like we were just finding out we were pregnant in August of 2008.  Here's to the joy that he has brought in our lives!  Thank you, Lord, for teaching us to number Daniel's days and enjoy every moment we have with him!

20 Days until Daniel is 4

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