Saturday, January 19, 2013

8 Months Strong

In His 8th Month, Elias:

Weighed 22 lbs.
Wore size 18 month clothes.
Wore size 3-4 diapers.
Always had rashes.
Eczema started showing up!
Was sitting up and crawling full time.
Did not sleep well.
Nursed full time.
Would not take medicine well.
Would not eat baby food.
Choked when he tried table foods.
Got his first tooth.
Loved to laugh.
Celebrated his first Christmas.
Got tons of goodies from family!
His favorite toys were his barn,
   chase and race town, and Noah's Ark.
Stole his brother's toys.
Annoyed Samuel to death!
Loved knocking things over.
Wheezed a LOT.
Was sick most of December.

Daniel was trying to show Elias how to crawl.

Elias trying to figure out
how to sit up.

Elias sits for the first time in a restaurant 
high chair with Lisa.  He loves her.

One of Elias' many rashes.

Enjoying his Noah's Ark animals

Pop with his 3rd great grandson

Mommy's Christmas gift from Daddy
was a pencil sketch of Elias
by a talented young man at the Mission

Elias' first Christmas morning...

He hated it.

He wasn't feeling too good.

BUT after a quick nap, 
he was ready to open his gifts!
He loved this barn from Grandpa.

The way Elias spends most of his days...
Breathing Treatments twice a day,
if not more.

Getting a check-up 
due to constant wheezing...

Crawling meant he got into everything...
including his brothers' picnic meals.
He tried his hand at mac and cheese.
BUT wouldn't eat it.

Learning to pull up to standing.

Learning to crawl.

Attempting to get him to sleep on his own...
He falls asleep sitting up.

Our first bath full of boys!

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