Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Day Samuel Turned Two

Turning two really didn't seem to matter that much to Samuel until he actually realized it was his birthday.  We, of course, had to stay home with the baby being only 6 days old, but we wanted to make certain Samuel felt special on his big day.  So, here is his second birthday in pictures...

Enjoying his Sonic milkshake
the night before his actual birthday.

Waiting for Daddy to bring out
the surprise the morning of his birthday.

Happy to help.

Mimi came to visit and helped Samuel
with his dinosaur stickers.

Pretending to be a puppy
while waiting for his drink.

Helping Daddy with the surprise some more.

Getting to try out the new trampoline!

Opening up his birthday card from Pop and Gra-Ju

Loving his SINGING Elmo card from
Aunt Cathy, Uncle Ricky,
Zach, and Anna Laura.

Listening to Elmo sing
"Happy Birthday" to him!

Ms. Jennifer also came to visit Samuel...
They went to the park, went down the slide,
and then fed the birds in our backyard.
Samuel ate most of his "bird food."
He loves crackers.

Getting ready to blow out his candles
on the cake ball(s) Ashley made for us!

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