Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?!

I wouldn't have; that's for sure!

However, consignment sales are just amazing. Well, if it's your first one, then it's just plain overwhelming until you find some awesome deals. After much consideration, we decided that ALL of us would head to THE consignment sale in Rivergate this past weekend. ALL of us, of course, means Mimi, Daddy, Mommy, AND Daniel. Since it was our first time to visit one of these, we didn't even think to bring a clothes basket or his stroller; who knew we'd have to wait in line to pay for over an hour?!

But, all in all it worked out, and here's what Daniel got:

*pair of tan Crocs (just like his Daddy's) - $4
*pair of grey New Balance tennis shoes (just like Dad and Mom)- $6
*What to Expect Your First Year - $3
*Evenflo circus exersaucer - $20
*Evenflo Johnny Jump Up - $8
*Baby GAP winter coat - $12
*BRAND NEW Gymboree cars and truck overall set - $13
*lion costume - $10
*Baby GAP striped sweater and corduroy set - $6
*Children's Place short-sleeved polo - $3
*argyle v-neck sweater and shirt set - $12
*navy corduroys to match - $3
*OshKosh striped sweater and brown khaki's - $7
*First Impressions plaid jumper set - $7
*Children's Place long-sleeved polo, jeans, socks - $6
*Old Navy sweater - $4
*Carter's thermals - $3
*Tommy Hilger plaid overalls - $ (can't remember)
*6 Baby Einstein DVDs - $4-$5 each

When we got home, Daniel tried out his newest toy:

But then, he got distracted by his new Baby Einstein DVDs:

Here's a shot of ALL of his clothes:

Close up of the cuteness:

Yes, we spent a FORTUNE, but in Mimi's opinion, Daniel is SO WORTH IT!

A special thanks to MIMI for her tireless efforts to spend 3 hours with us at the sale, holding our spot and waiting in line, carrying heavy Daniel, finding great deals, and helping with the expenses! We are incredibly blessed!

The next morning, here's what Daniel wanted to do:

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