Friday, August 21, 2009

SHOWING MY LIFE - Baby Showers

I've got to be honest, most of my friends including myself are just now having babies. So far, I've not had to throw any showers as of yet (other than bridal ones). However, I was blessed with 5 different baby showers before Daniel was born in April. Here are just some of the many brilliant showers that friends, family, and churches threw for us:

My dear friend threw this one at my home church for me, and it was blue and brown themed. It was ALL of my favorite things from white cake with vanilla and chocolate icing to daisies which were dyed baby blue... They also put blue mints on the cake and had blue punch, and she even had brown and blue polka dotted decorations which, of course, I loved.

My husband's home church threw us a beautiful shower. I would have to say what was so amazing about this one was the cake. A sweet friend of ours made the cake and included our baby's original monogram on it (I say original because we changed his name just 2 weeks before he was born).

My family shower was AWESOME. My mom, aunt, cousin, and sister listened in great detail about things I would like. I found these ADORABLE invitations at a dollar store and wanted the whole shower to be themed around them. However, we had to order EVERYTHING online, but it was well worth it. It was blue and lime green stripes with white polka dots (if you cannot tell, I love dots).

Here is my beautiful cake, made by my mom's dear friend

The lime green punch and themed cups

Another friend made this diaper cake as a centerpiece

The food table with blue and lime green streamers

Me and my loving family

Last but definitely not least, the sweetest "shower" by far was the one my husband's classmates threw for us. Well, they didn't actually "throw" it. They had planned for weeks to do something for us, and on the last night of classes, Brian had walked out for break and came back in to the room to find gifts, cookies, and cards galore. He brought everything home to me (I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time), and we took this picture of all they did for us!

The cutest things I've ever seen at friends' showers have been:

This ridiculously useful diaper cake with pacifiers, burp cloths, hairbows, rattles, etc. attached to it.

These clever favors shaped like lollipops with baby spoons as the stick and wash cloths as the sucker.

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