Monday, July 20, 2009

Turning Three.

Okay, so it is only three months, but still, as a parent, it is crazy how fast he grows and how badly you just want him to stay little... forever.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Daniel's great-grandfather, Pop!

In his 9th week:
He decided that being held was not so cool.
He absolutely adored anything that moved above him...
from mobiles to ceiling fans.
He started spitting up like crazy.
He began sleeping through the night or only waking up once!

In his 10th week:
He started wearing 6 MONTH clothes!
He laughed... at everything.
He coughed and sneezed all the time.

In his 11th week:
He really hated being held more and more.
He loved standing up in his mommy's lap.
He would smile at anyone!
He started choosing nursing over bottles...
He threw a fit when the mobile stopped.
He took his first out-of-state trip to the Indiana Youth Weekend.
He also visited the Creation Museum.
He disliked his carseat...
Actually, he would stiffen his whole body when you went to put him in it.

In his 12th week:
He loved resting in his parents' arms.
He stopped sleeping through the night.
He would NOT sleep in his crib.
He went to church... He went to church... He went to church...
He was the best behaved child in every service his daddy preached.
He sat in his Bumpo all by himself.
He drooled all over himself (we thought he may be teething).
He "talked" all the time: cooing, laughing, making sounds.
He was 24 inches long and weighed a ton. :)
He rolled over... from his back to his belly on the day he turned 3 months old!!!

Here are a few pictures from his third month:

Demanding NOT to be put into his carseat, thus his stiffened, straigtened-out body

Having just met his security blanket and favorite toy, Giraffe

His great-uncle, Ricky, paid him a surprise visit

Um, so he adores his Mimi...

The day his mommy found him "talking" up a storm on his playmat

Learning to sit up in his Bumpo for the first time

Sitting with mommy at the hospital to visit his great, great uncle Joe

Playing with his daddy after a night at revival

After rolling over onto his belly on his first try


Justin said...

Look how much little Daniel is the minute! He is such a cutie and we can't wait to snuggle him!! Love you sweet Johnsons, -Justin and Adi

the tuckers said...

wow he is growing he is getting so big reminds me of when caden was lil!!! still can't wait to meet lil daniel!!! love you all!!! love the tuckers daniel hope and caden tucker