Friday, July 17, 2009

Miracles in the Making

Reading the Bible used to be incredibly difficult for me. It wasn't because the King James Version was impossible to interpret or even that I had a tough time learning to read because I didn't. It wasn't that the Bible didn't interest me or because it wasn't cool to be a Christian because it was. It wasn't exactly because I didn't enjoy the words on each divinely-inspired page or that I didn't have to time to take it all in because I did. It simply was that as a young child I could not believe the words I was reading were true.

How could a ninety-year-old woman have a baby? How could a man part a sea? How exactly did a person live inside the belly of a whale and not die? How could a young man live after being thrown into a lion's den? How could anyone feed thousands with a few fish and some bread? How could a person be "born again"? How could a man be crucified and raise from the dead? I just could not fathom that miracles like that were capable of happening in MY world.

Just recently, I have been made to believe. Those Old Testament events have not reoccurred, and physically, Jesus isn't exactly walking the roads healing and performing miracles like He did in the New Testament. But let me tell you that the words I am privileged to read are becoming much more believable to me.

Today, I learned of a young mother who gave birth to three healthy babies; each weighing in over five pounds; the triplets, who some feared would spend days in the NICU, are well. Last week, I listened as a young woman explained that she had miraculously been touched by grace, and that after years of doubting, she knew that God had given her the salvation she craved. A month ago, I watched as two aged church members had a surprise wedding ceremony after both had been widowed; I saw the love the Lord had placed in their lives even after having lost their loved ones.

I feel as though God has been begging us to believe. He places these events in our lives for us to see how great and glorious He is, and yet we still have trouble in believing that miracles can happen in today's world. God questioned the Israelites' doubt in Numbers 14:11, "How long will these people reject Me? And how long will they not believe Me, with all the signs which I have performed among them?" Is that not what we are doing now?

If we take just a moment to read God's word, we will truly be given a glimpse of how miraculous God truly is. Not only was He able to make miracles happen in the days before Christ, but He is far more capable of giving them to us today. Just as I had trouble believing them to be true in my youth, we have to be willing to see them as they are. God's miracles are in the making all around us, but will we ever be able to believe?

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